Theresa Newell is a retired school psychologist. She has spent the last three years developing internet marketing skills. She has several websites in the health and fitness niche and one helping others site [healthylifechurchministry.org ]. They are: diabetes2andyou.com, living withdiabetes tips.com, newellfitnesswatch.com and newelldiabeteswatch.com/blog. She also has several sites in the make money on line niche. They include newellenterprises.net which is an umbrella site for several online money making opportunities. Other sites are smallbusinesswebhosting.org and billionaires bayou.net.

Theresa enjoys developing websites and helping others build their online business. She continues to develop and enhance her internet marketing skills.

I have undergone and experienced many changes and much growth since I began my MKMMA journey in 2013. I retired from my position of school psychologist in 1999 having worked 25+ years in the field. My husband passed in 2001 and my son in July 2014. His passing was more manageable because of my faith and the new MKMMA habits that were beginning to guide my life.

My strong desire for more and more of MKMMA has motivated these repeated journeys. I continue to experience epiphanies and sudden clarity and understanding of concepts I thought I ‘had in the bag’. My latest eye-opening experience was a real and clear understanding of adding emotion and using word pictures in my DMP. As I revised my DMP on 10/11/2015, I discovered that using visual language [details] and emotion words seemed to automatically increase the enthusiasm of my reading.

My PPN’s changed from True Health and Autonomy [2013], True Health and Helping Others [2014] to True Health and Liberty [2015]. Back in 2013 Davene and Mark encouraged us to use the dictionary. It took me until now [2015] to do this. However subby had my back and I finally listened to that little voice. Once I understood Liberty I realized it encompassed all that I want. Wow!!!

Two of my 2013 DMP targets and two of my 2014 have been attained. I have the new car, had hip replacement surgery and am pain free. I have now upped the ante. I can see where I want to go and know that I will get there. I have also realized the importance of words as well as thoughts. I now consciously screen my comments, even to myself. Finally I am beginning to internalize those things I understand cognitively—thoughts control actions. My experiences these past two years have reinforced my awareness of the importance of avoiding negative thoughts and expressing gratitude and kindness.

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4 thoughts on “ABOUT THERESA

  1. I found you and your MKMMA blog while reading a comment you wrote on masterkeydonna’s MKMMA blog. I’m new to MKMMA this year. By sharing your DMP here and also the way you described what you’ve gained from MKMMA since you started in 2013, you help me better understand how to include the positive-feeling visuals when I rewrite my DMP this week. You also GIVE me (as you promised you would on your Giving and Receiving Card) “hope for joy, affluence, kindness and love.” I gratefully RECEIVE these blessing and say Thank You and may these blessings also fill YOUR life!

    1. Thanks again. I am reaping the benefits of ‘give more, get more’. However the MMKMA way is fortunately for me becoming a way of life. Have a great day and enjoy this awesome experience.

  2. HI Theresa
    wow you have alot of internet marketing stuff going on, you are inspiring!!
    I have been dealing with type11 diabetes for several years now, and I’d like to receive your blog on that subject.

    Good luck in your Journey!

    1. Thanks for sharing Garth. Diabetes can be a very disabling disease if we allow it. However, as you probably realize we can take control and keep it under control. Or, we can give in to immediate ‘hungers’ and let it take control. I wish you success on this awesome MKMMA journey and your continued efforts to control your Diabetes. Please visit my site whenever you have time http://newelldiabeteswatch.com/blog/

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