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How To Manifest Your Dream: SEE IT! BELIEVE IT! MANIFEST IT!


Ideas for how to manifest your dream.  Today’s post highlights the life story of a young entrepreneur, Shawntae A. Taylor, who had a dream and is now taking steps to actively bring that dream into reality. I attended her launch party on 2/16/17 and was very impressed by this young woman.

She is an author, motivational speaker and philanthropist.  Moreover, she is a single parent who has used her life challenges to catapult  her into  fulfillment of her dream and expression of her passion.  This loving mother is the author of two books, Something Special About Ja’avontae Sister  and soon to be published My Heart, Her Voice, His Strength.  Her two children are the underlying forces behind these two creative works.  Shawntae is a single parent of two special needs children.  Her daughter is hearing impaired, and her son suffers from juvenile glaucoma. [Wow. These challenges are mammoth for any experiencing them.] Many parents would allow these obstacles to overwhelm and overcome them.  Not so, Shawntae.  Rather she appears motivated and inspired to use these conditions as a beacon to draw the attention of others to children who may be a little different.  Do these children need our love, support and attention less than those whose needs may not be as quickly apparent?  Hmmm!.

Children [and adults] may be mean and uncaring at times, resulting in hurt feelings and low self-esteem for the recipients of these behaviors.  It has been my observation that each of us is unique; having both strengths and weaknesses.  Yet, we are all worthy of love and deserve kind and loving treatment.  Shawntae is focusing our attention to those who may be mistreated or neglected.  She is using her passion to support and help those in situations similar to her children and using this as a vehicle to support her family.  Kudos to Shawntae for using what by many would be seen as a mountain to climb or obstacle to overcome, as a launch pad for her dreams.  Discover more about Shawntae by visiting her website.  Her book   There Is Something Special about Ja’avontae’s Sister! is available at  Get your  copy today.  Support her and deaf children.  50% of the book’s proceeds are being passed on to meet needs of other deaf children.  You too can turn your dreams into reality.  See it; believe it; take action.

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How does kindness keep depression away?  As a third time voyager on the MKMMA journey I have not been as up-to-date on my weekly blogs as I have in the past.  However I continue to rejoice and grow in the MasterKey Experience.  I have learned so much during this experience.  Many targets on my DMP [definite major purpose] have been achieved, checked off, replaced and or up-dated.  As we draw near the conclusion of the 2016 experience I would like to emphasize and share what has been for me the most outstanding learning experience of this course.  It is the validity of ‘give more, get more’.

Initially ‘give more, get more’ meant to me more things, money, influence, etc.  Now at the conclusion of three years, I have a very different view.  As I give more of myself, the more I grow as an individual—in my understanding of self and others. A prime example of this is the ‘kindness’ activity.

In my first exposure to the task of an anonymous kindness daily, I found this difficult to do and very challenging.  I have now integrated it into my lifestyle and what a change it has made.  I am a retired widow who lives alone and has limited outside interactions. Thus encountering someone else daily had to be orchestrated.  Since 2013 I have found many ways to do this, and wonder of wonders it has become a habit.  In the past I became very annoyed and angered by telemarketer calls; was unpleasant and unkind to the caller. The kindness challenge helped me turn this into a kindness by being friendly, kind and nice to the caller while still asking to be removed from their caller list.  I quickly learned that my mood changed for the better.

This was a very helpful lesson.  I soon noticed that my mood improved generally when I did something for someone else.  Voila!  Now when I feel down or a little sad I seek out a way to do or say something uplifting to someone else.  This is really working for me.  My kindnesses to others not only brightens their day but mine as well.  For me it is indeed true, that a kindness a day keeps depression away. This new habit of a ‘kindness a day’ is my proudest achievement of the MasterKey Experience.

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WEEK 11-14–2016 MKMMA: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The Christmas season focuses on loving, giving and sharing. As this season draws to a close do our thoughts continue to focus on love or do we move our focus from giving to getting?  This post focuses on the need for love to be a primary force in our life.  In scroll 2 Mandino focuses on the importance of love. It has been my experience that love focuses on the giving not the getting.  The expression ‘give more, get more’ has been frequently used in this course.  However, I believe that if we give out of love and caring we are not looking for what we will receive in return.  I believe the instruction not to expect reciprocity from the recipients of our gifts is a key indicator that the gift is what it important not a potential return.


We have been focusing on gratitude—recognition of gifts we receive.  I believe these unsolicited gifts are indeed evidence of the benefits of love and giving.  I am uplifted by the thoughtfulness and caring I receive from others.  However, my day is so much brighter when I can add a smile to someone else’s face.  So, what’s love got to do with it?  It brightens the day of the giver and the recipient.  It smoothes the path and makes the burden lighter when it is shared by someone else.

Haanel discusses the creativity of the mind in Week 14.  Since we have discovered the power to control our thoughts, we can let this power guide us to creative solutions to the life challenges we encounter.  We can use love rather than hate to accomplish our goals.  We can use helping and caring as tools for success rather than blocking and disrupting someone else’s progress.  We can focus on positives rather than negatives.  We can view others with love and caring. We can carry the loving spirit of the Christmas season throughout the year. That is what love has to do with it.

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WEEK 11– 2016 MKMMA: How To Create A One Sentence DMP


A major task with which we are faced this week is creation of a one sentence definite major purpose [DMP].  This post focuses on how to create a one sentence DMP.  In my first year of travel on this MasterKey Mastermind journey I found it very challenging to express my  heartfelt needs, desires and purpose into only 400 words.  As I grow in the process of understanding and internalizing the principles of this course I note my improvement and progress.

In taking a look at the sentence DMP I developed last year, I believe it is too wordy. So, to pare it down I must identify or re-identify the most important and key points that really crystalize and visualize my goal and desire.  Is my health or my finances the most driving force in my life?  Hmmm!!!  Do I have to make a choice?  If I mention both does that make my sentence too cumbersome?  Hmmm!!!

As I looked at the examples provided I thought I could quickly revise and update my sentence.  But, as I began to write this post I realized that my two PPN’s [personal pivotal needs], true health and liberty, are really the foundation of my DMP.  If I omit either, I will build a foundation under only half of my house.  Hmmm!!!

Therefore my sentence must include reference to both.  I so appreciate the task of writing this weekly post as it has provided me the framework to easily rewrite my sentence DMP.  Although longer than my initial effort,  this time it is shorter than the completed 2015 version.  Here is my finished product for 2016.


“I achieved financial freedom before 12/1/19, earning $3000 monthly above my pension and I celebrate my mental acuity and robust physical health. 

Theresa Newell

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In this post I share strategies and techniques I have gained on my MasterKey  Mastermind journey that allow me to use my life challenges to facilitate success. In this instance success equals manifestation of definite major purpose.  However I believe the ideas listed below are transferable to any definition of success.

An important underlying principle is that knowledge does not apply itself.  This has been a constant and repetitive refrain shared by Mark J and his team.  Cognitively that seems clear and easy to understand.  However, in practicality and reality I have found this is a cloudy concept.  Are there specific steps one must take to apply knowledge?  Are these steps limited, or do they vary from person to person?  A reason that gaining understanding of this concept is so important is that it leads to manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].  As I have mentioned previously this is my third time traveling on this road.  Although I have shown tremendous growth and progress, I have not completely mastered this task.  Here are some ideas I believe will facilitate and enhance my application of the knowledge I am acquiring to use life’s challenges to facilitate my success and achieve manifestation of my DMP.


1. Identify what needs to be done.  Our MKMMA journey requires completion of certain daily tasks.

2.  Make a plan of action.  Establish times for action to be taken.  For example if I must complete a 15 minute sit, will I do this at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. ?  The time I choose is irrelevant.  The issue is that I assign a time for myself and follow through.  I don’t just think about the need for a ‘sit’.  I establish a pattern and a habit for its completion.

3.  Take action. Implement the plan.  ‘DO IT NOW’.  I believe that this is the key to applying knowledge—that one goes beyond knowing to doing.

[As Mark J  has said, the best detailed map will not take you to your destination if you do not set forth on the journey. ]

I enjoyed the above video so much I had to include it even though it was not quite on target with my purpose for this post.  However, the emphasis on failure being a part of success seems very relevant to me.  Persistence and determination are also integral components of this video.  He doesn’t talk about applying knowledge.  However, it appears self-evident to me that he is constantly applying his knowledge.  Thanks for visiting my post.

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