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WEEK 9 – MKMMA: How To Make Visualization Of My DMP Into a Service for Others


Thus far on our MKMMA journey we have been given [or assigned our self] a task that is a service to or for someone else.  This week we are to make visualization of our DMP [definite major purpose]  into a service.  I am struggling with this concept.  It is abundantly clear how my DMP is a service for me, but how does that extend to others?  Hmmm!

One of my personal pivotal needs [PPN] is true health.  How does my being healthy benefit someone else?  Well, I can see that it benefits the government and therefore the community at large as I am using fewer financial resources for health care.  Who else does my good health positively impact? Not sure I can identify other benefactors here.

Liberty is my second PPN.  Having financial freedom clearly benefits others as it allows me to give more financial resources to my church and community. WOW.  I have it!  As I am enabled to give more to others, others benefit.  Therefore when I am visualizing my DMP I can focus on helping and giving to others as a result of achieving my heart’s desire.

Thanks so much for this assignment.  I had been viewing my DMP as a personal and rather selfish goal.  I think this exercise of taking a closer look has enabled me to see why this achievement is a benefit to all.  I appreciate the benefits I have derived from taking a closer look at the underlying goal/purpose of my DMP.  It is not solely about me.  Also, when I am healthy, I have more energy to invest in activities that benefit others.  How awesome it is to continue to experience growth and progress as I travel on the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance journey.

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turn off TV

One of the team’s major tasks this week is to turn off the television for seven days. How can I enjoy life without television?  Is there life without TV?  What do I use to fill the void that is left? Can I survive seven days without entertainment?  How will I fill my time?  I suspect that many of the first-time travelers on this awesome MasterKey  journey experience similar thoughts.  As a repeat traveler, the task is easier for me, yet I too experienced a void this week.

Sassy [my 4-legged daughter, small terrier] and I have been overwhelmed by the silence.  There are just the two of us.  So, when she is not actively pursuing her role as massive protector and guard dog, barking at intruders [passersby outside] there is nothing but silence.  I have noticed that my attention now seems to remain more focused.  I have fewer distractions and the ideas seem to come and flow more quickly and smoothly as I write.  I seem to be completing my morning routine more quickly.

I have also discovered that I enjoy this peace and quiet.  Where before I used the TV as a company-keeper, I am discovering that perhaps it was just distracting noise.  Due to previous MKMMA experiences I had reduced my TV time significantly, but gradually was falling back into old patterns of behavior.  I appreciate this week’s task as I now intend to schedule TV time instead of turning it on in the morning, supposedly to hear the news, and leaving it on.  The following strategies help me make effective use of my quiet time.


1.  Embrace the time.  I utilize the quiet time to complete tasks that require concentration, precision and persistence.

2. Plan alternative entertainment. I determine what alternative activities I can engage in to replace my normal TV time.  Some that I consider are  chatting with family/friends; reading; listening to music or the radio, etc.

3. Remind myself that I control my thoughts. When I view this quiet time as an asset to work completion it becomes a positive rather than a negative.

Thanks Mark J and team.  As always you continue to provide experiences that shake up my life.

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A major task this week is the creation of an effective audio DMP [definite major purpose].  Its components include not only the DMP but also our smart goals.  As a repeat voyager, I have had this task before.  However, since I created my initial audio DMP, my PPNs [personal pivotal needs]  have changed.  Therefore a do-over is required.

The first time around I experienced many difficulties and challenges.  I am now better equipped to handle the task and have set up mental steps for completion of this task.  My plan is as follows:

1.  Identify and record selected music background

2. Research alliances and digital connections for tips  and strategies others have found successful.

3.  Record DMP and smart goals into music background.

4.  Copy or transfer this recording to cell phone

5.  Celebrate completion of my task and share my joy with friends on twitter, Facebook and in the Alliances.

Those readers who may not have traveled on this MKMMA journey may think this should be easy and simple to accomplish.  Since thoughts fuel actions I also believe this will be a piece of cake—right?    Now that I have my plan laid out and since I believe in Do It Now, I will publish this post  and immediately commence step one.

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One of the tasks of  week 6 is completion of my vision of success—my movie poster.  As an experienced traveler on this MKMMA journey to self-direction and success, I am pleased to report that for the first time I had fun completing this poster.  It was so much easier just copying and printing images and taping them to my poster.  My first time around I searched magazines and cut out the pictures.  This was very time consuming.    Also, I resisted the temptation to avoid the task and use last year’s poster.  I am so proud of my finished product.  It energizes me and I can see its manifestation.  In fact, some of my smart goals have already manifested.  Below is a snapshot of my future me and future success.

my movie poster

my movie poster


Persistence and determination have been keys for me.  I am a concrete and pragmatic individual.  Yet, I am also a convicted Christian believer.  My Christian beliefs and implementation  of the MKMMA tactics and procedures that I am internalizing are working together to smooth, facilitate and accelerate my success and manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].  I am experiencing joy and real satisfaction from extending kindnesses and reaching out to others.

Thanks Mark J and team for continuing to provide inspiration and guidance that help me advance on my path to self-direction.

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WEEK 5– 2016 MKMMA: Experiencing THE Impact of Words on Thoughts

chore               service

In this post I share the impact of words on  thoughts I experienced in  changing chore to service on my Service card and the powerful  impact that change had on me.  Our MKMMA journey continues and we are now in Week 5.  Recently we were exposed to the power of changing the words in our thoughts. An example  is changing chore to service.  The concept of the difference in the definitions and tones those two word supply is vast for me.  I perceive a chore as something I need to do but it does not make me think of pleasure.  On the other hand when I think of service I think of helping or doing something for someone else and this does provide me with joy and happiness.

One of our activities is to record weekly on our now termed Service card an activity that is to be completed during the current week and by a deadline date.  As a three-timer one would think I would already have this concept down pat. Hmmm.

Not necessarily so.  I had  begun using this task as a way of completing activities I tend to avoid.  Well, this week I nearly blew it.  Suddenly, I realized on Sunday morning as I engaged in my MKMMA reading that I had not completed  the week’s service.  Immediately, following my sit I completed my task.  I learned two lessons this week.  One, be extremely careful about what I record. [Mark has said in the past if it’s on the card and we don’t do it, we are teaching our subby that we don’t keep our promises.]  UhOh!  I definitely don’t want to send that message.

Second, I will focus on recording tasks that are easy for me to finish.  I can still consider the other desired task as a service for completion during the week, but not write it on my card.  Along with this insight, I am setting myself a target of Wednesday for completion of the  week’s service. I am also reminded to ‘Do It Now’.

A wonderful benefit for me of this awesome Master Key Experience is that I continue to grow.  Thanks Mark J and team for aiding me in the development of new and effective habits.

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