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WEEK 11– 2016 MKMMA: How To Create A One Sentence DMP


A major task with which we are faced this week is creation of a one sentence definite major purpose [DMP].  This post focuses on how to create a one sentence DMP.  In my first year of travel on this MasterKey Mastermind journey I found it very challenging to express my  heartfelt needs, desires and purpose into only 400 words.  As I grow in the process of understanding and internalizing the principles of this course I note my improvement and progress.

In taking a look at the sentence DMP I developed last year, I believe it is too wordy. So, to pare it down I must identify or re-identify the most important and key points that really crystalize and visualize my goal and desire.  Is my health or my finances the most driving force in my life?  Hmmm!!!  Do I have to make a choice?  If I mention both does that make my sentence too cumbersome?  Hmmm!!!

As I looked at the examples provided I thought I could quickly revise and update my sentence.  But, as I began to write this post I realized that my two PPN’s [personal pivotal needs], true health and liberty, are really the foundation of my DMP.  If I omit either, I will build a foundation under only half of my house.  Hmmm!!!

Therefore my sentence must include reference to both.  I so appreciate the task of writing this weekly post as it has provided me the framework to easily rewrite my sentence DMP.  Although longer than my initial effort,  this time it is shorter than the completed 2015 version.  Here is my finished product for 2016.


“I achieved financial freedom before 12/1/19, earning $3000 monthly above my pension and I celebrate my mental acuity and robust physical health. 

Theresa Newell

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In this post I share strategies and techniques I have gained on my MasterKey  Mastermind journey that allow me to use my life challenges to facilitate success. In this instance success equals manifestation of definite major purpose.  However I believe the ideas listed below are transferable to any definition of success.

An important underlying principle is that knowledge does not apply itself.  This has been a constant and repetitive refrain shared by Mark J and his team.  Cognitively that seems clear and easy to understand.  However, in practicality and reality I have found this is a cloudy concept.  Are there specific steps one must take to apply knowledge?  Are these steps limited, or do they vary from person to person?  A reason that gaining understanding of this concept is so important is that it leads to manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].  As I have mentioned previously this is my third time traveling on this road.  Although I have shown tremendous growth and progress, I have not completely mastered this task.  Here are some ideas I believe will facilitate and enhance my application of the knowledge I am acquiring to use life’s challenges to facilitate my success and achieve manifestation of my DMP.


1. Identify what needs to be done.  Our MKMMA journey requires completion of certain daily tasks.

2.  Make a plan of action.  Establish times for action to be taken.  For example if I must complete a 15 minute sit, will I do this at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. ?  The time I choose is irrelevant.  The issue is that I assign a time for myself and follow through.  I don’t just think about the need for a ‘sit’.  I establish a pattern and a habit for its completion.

3.  Take action. Implement the plan.  ‘DO IT NOW’.  I believe that this is the key to applying knowledge—that one goes beyond knowing to doing.

[As Mark J  has said, the best detailed map will not take you to your destination if you do not set forth on the journey. ]

I enjoyed the above video so much I had to include it even though it was not quite on target with my purpose for this post.  However, the emphasis on failure being a part of success seems very relevant to me.  Persistence and determination are also integral components of this video.  He doesn’t talk about applying knowledge.  However, it appears self-evident to me that he is constantly applying his knowledge.  Thanks for visiting my post.

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WEEK 9 – MKMMA: How To Make Visualization Of My DMP Into a Service for Others


Thus far on our MKMMA journey we have been given [or assigned our self] a task that is a service to or for someone else.  This week we are to make visualization of our DMP [definite major purpose]  into a service.  I am struggling with this concept.  It is abundantly clear how my DMP is a service for me, but how does that extend to others?  Hmmm!

One of my personal pivotal needs [PPN] is true health.  How does my being healthy benefit someone else?  Well, I can see that it benefits the government and therefore the community at large as I am using fewer financial resources for health care.  Who else does my good health positively impact? Not sure I can identify other benefactors here.

Liberty is my second PPN.  Having financial freedom clearly benefits others as it allows me to give more financial resources to my church and community. WOW.  I have it!  As I am enabled to give more to others, others benefit.  Therefore when I am visualizing my DMP I can focus on helping and giving to others as a result of achieving my heart’s desire.

Thanks so much for this assignment.  I had been viewing my DMP as a personal and rather selfish goal.  I think this exercise of taking a closer look has enabled me to see why this achievement is a benefit to all.  I appreciate the benefits I have derived from taking a closer look at the underlying goal/purpose of my DMP.  It is not solely about me.  Also, when I am healthy, I have more energy to invest in activities that benefit others.  How awesome it is to continue to experience growth and progress as I travel on the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance journey.

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A major task this week is the creation of an effective audio DMP [definite major purpose].  Its components include not only the DMP but also our smart goals.  As a repeat voyager, I have had this task before.  However, since I created my initial audio DMP, my PPNs [personal pivotal needs]  have changed.  Therefore a do-over is required.

The first time around I experienced many difficulties and challenges.  I am now better equipped to handle the task and have set up mental steps for completion of this task.  My plan is as follows:

1.  Identify and record selected music background

2. Research alliances and digital connections for tips  and strategies others have found successful.

3.  Record DMP and smart goals into music background.

4.  Copy or transfer this recording to cell phone

5.  Celebrate completion of my task and share my joy with friends on twitter, Facebook and in the Alliances.

Those readers who may not have traveled on this MKMMA journey may think this should be easy and simple to accomplish.  Since thoughts fuel actions I also believe this will be a piece of cake—right?    Now that I have my plan laid out and since I believe in Do It Now, I will publish this post  and immediately commence step one.

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The Master Key Experience [MKE] journey continues in week 3 with the creation of a movie trailer DMP.  We discover the strategies that help us create a movie trailer DMP [definite major purpose].  Most people are familiar with the movie trailers that appear frequently on TV.  That is our task this week—to create a movie trailer DMP.  This is a concise snapshot of our DMP which not only summarizes the DMP but invigorates and energizes the viewer/reader with the emotions and passion of our DMP.

In my earlier versions I concentrated on writing a brief summary of the key points in my DMP.  This year I am able to focus on the energy, emotions and feelings that are the driving forces in my DMP.  Practice does make perfect.  I quickly sailed through the process of creating my movie trailer DMP for my new revised, 2016 DMP.   I feel energized every time I read it.  The selection of vocabulary that contains both emotion and visual stimuli has really increased the power I feel when I read my movie trailer DMP.

As I continue to travel on this MKE journey, I continue to grow and see progress.  Thanks Mark J and MKMMA team for your guidance and direction.


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