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2016 MKMMA Week 2: How To Identify Personal Pivotal Needs


This week Mark J. presented the concept of personal pivotal needs and their impact on our Definite Major Purpose ‘[DMP].  Since this is my third year down this path to increased self-knowledge and actualization, one would think I should have a clear understanding of this concept.  Well, I do and I don’t.  Clear as mud right?

I perceived gray areas in differentiating liberty and autonomy.  Mark’s explanation really helped me in making my determination.  I definitely want autonomy and the ability to make and act on my own decisions.  However, liberty is the better choice for me as I need not only the authority to make decisions but the wealth/ funds to act on my decisions.  Another important [for me] aspect of this week’s focus  is the recognition that these PPN’s [personal pivotal needs] are  the engine that drives me toward achievement of my DMP. If I lack passion and true desire, my ‘subby’ also lacks the motivation to implement my DMP.

I continue to enjoy this journey and the revitalization of my task to take charge; to take control of my thoughts and actions.

I, too, have chosen True Health and Liberty as my PPN’s.  Since that choice in 2015,  I have seen the manifestation of two DMP targets that fall in the Liberty area–new patio door, trip to South America.


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2015 MKMMA Continuation: How To Use The Power of Habits to Energize Your Life


In scroll one Og Mandino introduces us to the power of habits to energize and change our life.  I am into year three of implementing his principles and the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance Program.  Recently I personally recognized and experienced this power.  I understand that it can take from two to seven weeks to establish a habit. My personal experience is that bad/undesired habits can be achieved more quickly.  For example, when I  omit an established work routine for even a couple of days, it requires substantial effort to resume the action/activity.  As you can guess returning from vacations and resuming daily routines becomes a task involving much conscious effort.

However, I just returned from a five day holiday.  I gave myself permission to eliminate all daily routines including meditation.  On Days 1 and 2 after my return I was negligent.  I thought about what I needed to do but didn’t do it.  I was still in vacation mode.  However, on Day 3 I began my ‘correct’ daily routine without thought or effort.  Subby and Habit took over.  I easily transitioned into my normal routine, including meditation, reading Og and my 3X5 cards.  I was so pleased to be back in gear.

I rediscovered how energizing this routine is for me.  I not only completed all planned activities quickly and efficiently but also engaged in other beneficial activities.  Previously I had understood Og’s message about ‘habit’, now, however, it is more than a concept for me.  It is a meaningful way to achieve my goals.  I am reminded of Mark J and the MKMMA Teams instructions that knowledge must be applied.  Knowing is not enough in and of itself.  Thanks so much for the opportunities and benefits I have received from my MasterKey Mastermind Alliance Journey.  I now have a clear-cut vision of my goals and desires.  I have achieved several of my future goals and in the process of completing others.  What an awesome experience this has been.

A new course will begin in September.  For those readers of this post who are interested in making significant life changes and quick advancement down their road to success, I suggest you investigate this ay-it-forward scholarship program.  You can receive all details for the cost of $1.00.  Sign up here to receive advance information.


In this video Mark says 2011 – now it’s 2016

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2015 MasterKey Experience Continuation: GUEST SPEAKER MARK J

Today’s post features Mark Januszewski, better known as Mark J.  Mark is the inspiration behind and a major force in the MasterKey Experience.  Based on observation I can truly say he is a very pragmatic, realistic and down to earth individual.  He doesn’t preach ‘do as I say’, or ‘get rich quick schemes’.  Rather he shares principles, strategies and activities that he has personally used and found effective.  Mark J has just published his first book Standing Tall which launches July 23, 2016.  Copies of a free chapter are available here.

Check out the video below and get first hand information from an individual who shares ideas that I believe can change one’s life from desperation to success and happiness. My contact with him has resulted in my seeing the manifestation of several components of  my DMP [definite major purpose] such as trip to South America in 2016. new deck and patio door in 2016, new car in 2015, successful hip replacement surgery 2015, and the list continues to grow.  This is not bragging just sharing the kinds of things that happens to those who join the masterKey experience.

Sign up below to receive your free chapter of Standing Tall.

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This post focuses on my awareness of reduced zeal and desire to fire up my enthusiasm.light fire

I have recently been displaying a lag in my enthusiasm for completion of my daily tasks.  How do I recapture and fire up my enthusiasm for my Masterkey Mastermind Alliance activities? When Mark J and his team were providing weekly guidance, I stayed fired up and challenged by the new skill to learn or apply.  Now that the decisions are basically in my court, I find myself becoming lax.  I have begun to make excuses and fall behind on some of the ingrained daily tasks.  However, thank goodness for the good habits established during  this course.  I find myself beginning each day in the prescribed manner.  My weakness falls in determining what to do next.

I understand myself well enough to know that when I have a task and a deadline, I work zealously to complete it.  Looking back on the last few weeks, I realize I must be more diligent about setting myself challenges and tasks that will lead to the manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].  I am not one of those who can coast along.  I must actively pursue my targets.  Therefore as of today I have taken out the wet noodle.  Theresa will give Theresa 10 lashes each day that she does not set and work on a task that will lead to the manifestation of her DMP.  Check back with me next week to see if I keep this promise.  “I promise to daily record and complete a minimum of one task that leads to the manifestation of my DMP.”  A review of my daily log will let me know how successful I am in this process.  I function more efficiently and effectively when I am motivated.  My MK [MasterKey] experience has taught me this.  I am so thrilled to see the many milestones on my DMP that have already been achieved and do not want to lose momentum now.  The biggie, financial freedom, still awaits.  I intend to continue hot on its trail.  Thanks for sharing with me this brief moment of low impetus and energy.  It is now behind me and all systems are go, go, go.

If you too would like to start or advance your journey to success, join me on this MasterKey Mastermind adventure/journey.  A new class begins September 2016.  All placements are by scholarship.  Sign up below to receive advance information about this program that can catapult  you from stagnation to success.


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masterkey experience


Today we will focus on how to see the manifestation of your success.  First, you must have a clear-cut idea of what it looks like, feels like and evidence of its reality.  Does being rich equal success?  What is being rich?  Does that equal winning the lottery, having  one plus million dollars in your bank account, being debt free with home and car lien free?  I may not have mentioned your particular criteria, but whatever it is if it is definite you cannot attain it.

Therefore, the first step in attaining and seeing the manifestation of your success is to define it.  The MasterKey Mastermind Alliance Course was of significant help to me in arriving at my personal definition of success.  I have heard it said that if you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it.  The MasterKey experience taught me just how to integrate this concept into my reality.  I began my MasterKey journey in 2013 and have completed three years of active involvement in the course. This is my choice, not a requirement.  That is another great thing about this experience.  It reminded me that I always have choices. Whether I act or not, I am making a choice.  Am I guided by the desires of others or my own?  Prior to this course I had not even thought about how much of my thoughts, actions and behavior were guided by others.

Back to seeing the manifestation of success, how is this achieved?  I want to take a vacation.  Do I need a destination to achieve this?  Will this trip require any finances?  If so, how much.  What is to be the length of this vacation? When is the trip? You get the idea.  If I want to visit Washington D.C. in the Spring of 2018 to see the cherry blossoms, what are my anticipated expenses?  I need transportation; lodging; expenses for the travel, etc.

Step two is to develop a plan of action that will lead me to achieving this goal.  I must determine total sum needed and how much to put aside weekly [daily, or monthly].  I must schedule time off and make reservations for travel and lodging.  This process begins with my thoughts and is then transferred to actions.  This is another skill I gained from my MasterKey experience.  I consciously think through the task and consider options for its completion.

Step three.  Take action.  Implement the plan just completed.  When obstacles are encountered, revise, re-evaluate, modify or change the plan. If the target date is missed, set a new date.  Be persistent.  Persistence, patience and perseverance are additional key behaviors I gained from my MasterKey journey.  Since I control my thoughts, I am not controlled by negativity or fear of failure.  I use the seven laws of the mind to think thoughts that are helpful, not harmful.  You got it.  The MasterKey Mastermind journey again.  I have already achieved many of the targets I established in 2013—travel to Australia and South America, tithe monthly at my church (work in progress, not yet tithing $1K monthly), healthy, mentally alert, physically mobile.  I am 79 years of age. My desires for my home are being manifested.  I have a new deck and one new patio door. One more is pending manifestation.  Wow! I am truly blessed.  Oh, I work at being kind to others and so many others are unexpectedly kind to me.

If you are struggling to see the manifestation of your success, I encourage you to consider the MasterKey Mastermind experience as an aid on your journey.  The 2016 course will open in September 2016.  Get on the waiting list now  to receive information.  Scholarships are awarded to all participants. Check out the video below for more details.

early bird



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