DMP PPN’s True Health and Liberty

Theresa Newell 2015 DMP PPN’s True Health and Liberty

I promise

I have an income source that brings in $5000+ monthly above my pension by May 1, 2016. I spend a maximum of 30 hours weekly on these work activities and 30 minutes daily in the search for this position Monday through Friday. I exchange my leisure reading/game time to complete this research and subsequently engage in the work activities.

I am so excited to be living in the home of my dreams before December 30, 2016. It is fun and a joy and pleasure to cook in my lovely ivory kitchen, with new tile floor, new kitchen cabinets, and new quartz prep and eating island before September 30, 2016. I love the freshly painted walls which are a beautiful pale blue in the living room, dining room and hall which are complete before May 30, 2016. The new carpet in the hall, dining room, and two bedrooms is very attractive, low maintenance and ready for entertaining before July 4, 2016. I enjoy sitting on my new deck admiring my new patio doors up and down stairs and the clean fresh look of new exterior paint in ivory with dark brown trim before April 1, 2016. I am able to enjoy these blessings due to earning $5000+ dollars monthly above my pension before May 30, 2016. I celebrate daily being mentally sharp and healthy by independently walking one block and spending a minimum of 3 hours on work related activities such as blogging and making phone calls. I give myself a special treat quarterly for maintaining my blood sugar [100-110] and blood pressure levels within 10% of normal as recorded by my physician effective by November 2015.

I value good health and enjoy sharing information with others to help maintain and improve their health in my weekly HLC blog before March 2016. I love to travel and it is very rewarding to have the financial freedom to visit South America before January 2016 and South Carolina before December 2016. I am grateful to have income to tithe $1000 dollars monthly which is an increase of $700 by June 2016.

My financial freedom enables me to have clear title to my car before December 1, 2017; zero credit card balance before September 2016, and clear title to my home by September 1, 2019.

I always keep my promises Theresa Newell

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