Today , September 1, 2019, Barbara Walters, former international reporter for ABC News, highlights the success story of Theresa Newell, a senior citizen from the breadbasket of the United States, Lenexa, Kansas.

Theresa  is a  successful entrepreneur [CEO o f Newell Enterprises, LLC], with a business income in excess of $10,000 monthly. She celebrates her mental acuity, physical health and having the liberty and financial freedom to engage in activities of her choice.  She is debt free and acquired clear title to her car in August 2017 and her home in December 2018. Theresa  lives modestly and continues to reside in the home purchased by her husband in 1980.  She has however made many updates and renovations to her home. Her split-level home has an attractive cream with brown trim exterior and reflects  well maintained and appealing landscaping.  The interior has been updated with fresh paint in living room, dining room, hall,  3 bedrooms and kitchen.  Theresa describes it as the house of her dreams.  She loves  her new updated master shower/bath and updated kitchen.  She oohs and awes over the bright new kitchen cabinets and custom quartz kitchen island which is offset by the new kitchen flooring.  Theresa enjoys inviting others to share a fun evening of food and games on her new deck which is highlighted by attractive new patio doors on both levels of the home.

Theresa indicated she came to a turning point in her life with the passing of her son. She stated that initially she felt empty and without direction–lacking goals and uncertain how she wanted to spend her future. Fortunately for her she began her MKMMA [Masterkey Mastermind Alliance] journey during this period.  That experience started her on the journey that she continues even into the present.

Renowned for her generosity to others. She has a helping ministry that reaches out to the needy—homeless families, survivors of traumatic life experiences, battered women and their families, veterans battling PTSD, and the list goes on. Her ministry, Healthy Life Church Ministry, established in August 2014 reaches out to these groups in a concrete way. They have provided 10,000+ meals annually for the needy—not only during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, but throughout the year. The Healthy Life Church Ministry is a well-known by-word for those in need in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Theresa began this ministry with virtually no funds and the support of three relatives—her sister (Pam), niece (Tamara) and nephew (Mark). She developed a website, that provides tips and guides to living a healthy, fulfilled and Christian life. In their first years on-line membership grew at a rapid rate. They currently have 5000+ active members who not only support the goals and mission of the ministry, but actively seek ways of being of service to those in need. Their philosophy is ‘give more, get more’ and is evidenced by their monetary donations  to the Kansas City Rescue Mission; food and clothing to a combination of selected families and designated institutions; $5000 in 2017; $25000 in 2018, and in 2019 thus far they have contributed $100,000 in meals, clothing, and donations to families and other charities.

Barbara asks Theresa what got her started on this idea. Theresa responded,’My only son[my business partner] had recently passed, my business was not making any money and I was discouraged. At this time my business income was less than $1000 per year. My nephew (Mark) suggested I start a non-profit business. I liked that idea. I set up a website, implemented ideas from my Ministry team and the idea caught on. We promoted products that would improve and encourage a healthy lifestyle. During this time I was taking the Master Key Master Mind Alliance Course. I implemented the ideas, thoughts and principles I was exposed to and the growth and progress just seemed to happen. Although a senior who has seen well more than three score plus years, my mind is sharp, I have reasonable activity of my limbs (walk without the assistance of a cane) and I have a happy, peaceful and serene life. My current monthly business income is $10,000 of which I give various offerings above a tithe of 20%. I tithe 10% to my church and 10% to my ministry. The Lord has blessed me many times over and above what I give—monetarily yes, but also in the quality of my life and the relationships I have with family and friends.”

How do you spend your free time? Barbara asks. I like to travel. I frequently take short trips with friends, such as visits to Branson and St. Louis, MO, as well as vacations in St.Thomas with friends, Australia in 2014 and Brazil in 2016 with family. I take at least one trip each year. Some are short trips some are lengthy. I continue to enjoy reading for pleasure and developing new websites.

Barbara asks, ‘What is next on your agenda?’ Theresa responds I am looking for leaders to train to take over the ministry; help it grow locally , nationally , then international.   Monetary prizes are not her goal. Rather she wants the dash between her birth and death to represent the contributions she has made that have improved the lives of others.

What an interesting woman,

Barbara Walters,


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  1. What a powerful way to write the movie about your future! Your ministry will flourish because you’re doing it for all the right reasons. Congratulations on your success!

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