How To Manifest Your Dream: SEE IT! BELIEVE IT! MANIFEST IT!


Ideas for how to manifest your dream.  Today’s post highlights the life story of a young entrepreneur, Shawntae A. Taylor, who had a dream and is now taking steps to actively bring that dream into reality. I attended her launch party on 2/16/17 and was very impressed by this young woman.

She is an author, motivational speaker and philanthropist.  Moreover, she is a single parent who has used her life challenges to catapult  her into  fulfillment of her dream and expression of her passion.  This loving mother is the author of two books, Something Special About Ja’avontae Sister  and soon to be published My Heart, Her Voice, His Strength.  Her two children are the underlying forces behind these two creative works.  Shawntae is a single parent of two special needs children.  Her daughter is hearing impaired, and her son suffers from juvenile glaucoma. [Wow. These challenges are mammoth for any experiencing them.] Many parents would allow these obstacles to overwhelm and overcome them.  Not so, Shawntae.  Rather she appears motivated and inspired to use these conditions as a beacon to draw the attention of others to children who may be a little different.  Do these children need our love, support and attention less than those whose needs may not be as quickly apparent?  Hmmm!.

Children [and adults] may be mean and uncaring at times, resulting in hurt feelings and low self-esteem for the recipients of these behaviors.  It has been my observation that each of us is unique; having both strengths and weaknesses.  Yet, we are all worthy of love and deserve kind and loving treatment.  Shawntae is focusing our attention to those who may be mistreated or neglected.  She is using her passion to support and help those in situations similar to her children and using this as a vehicle to support her family.  Kudos to Shawntae for using what by many would be seen as a mountain to climb or obstacle to overcome, as a launch pad for her dreams.  Discover more about Shawntae by visiting her website.  Her book   There Is Something Special about Ja’avontae’s Sister! is available at  Get your  copy today.  Support her and deaf children.  50% of the book’s proceeds are being passed on to meet needs of other deaf children.  You too can turn your dreams into reality.  See it; believe it; take action.

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