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My experiences this week have been both positive and negative, though the positive impact far exceeds the negatives. On the plus side—I have developed a  routine and seem to be integrating the daily routines into my daily pattern.  I no longer have to review carefully to make sure I know exactly what I am supposed to read each morning.  However I always check to make certain I have not forgotten or overlooked something.  I also seem to be accomplishing more and in many cases in less time than previously.  I really enjoy and look forward to my quiet (sit) time. Both Hanel and Mandino seem to be becoming more a part of me.  I stop at times and send myself (‘subby’) a message.  For example, when I begin to think and say negative things.  I recall that thoughts are the cause and quickly substitute a positive thought and positive words.

My challenges (the negatives) have been completing some of the auxiliary tasks—tweeting,  following other MKMMAs, and reading blogs.   I checked all the blogs assigned to me.  Each of my blog team mates have their blogs up and are doing great. I left comments  on four of the five blogs and I will visit all 5 blogs tomorrow (Friday) and leave a comment. My blog partners are:

I have started following many more than the five a day we are asked to follow.  But, I have to make the time to go to the list each day to add five more MKMMAers.  Also, meeting the tweet requirement is challenging me.  I have sent out a few tweets this week.  I need to review the  tweet deck video again.  I have watched it twice but still don’t quite understand the procedure.  However, I will get it done and on time.

This class is having a positive impact on my interpersonal relationships.  I notice that I am being observed and some of my actions are being duplicated.  This is a good thing.  I am becoming more organized.  I am breaking my chore into smaller units and completing a designated portion each day with my targeted completion day as Friday.  I have only two small steps left and probably will complete both at the same time.

This class has caused to me to take a different look at myself and my responsibilities. I am already a better person for participating in it and really look forward to seeing myself continue to grow and expand [mentally] in this process.  My celebration this week is completion of the movie trailer version of my DMP.  Initially I thought I would not be able to do it as I didn’t fully understand.  However, when I sat down with pen in hand  the words just seemed to flow.  Another example of the effectiveness of this process.

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