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I have found this week’s task very challenging but also very interesting. In the process of meeting this challenge I have learned more about myself.  I found that reading the experiences of others in the Alliance added a broader dimension to my understanding of myself and the barriers and obstacles I face.  I have not a  doubt that I am one with the Universal Mind (my heavenly father).  If He has done it for one, He will do it for me.  Moreover, as I look back on my life and all the times I have been kept safe and unharmed, how can I doubt HIM.  I have determined that the major tool I use and will use to combat fear, hurt feelings, anger, guilt and unworthiness is faith.  HE has done it before and He will see me through again.

I have recently noticed a shift in my thoughts during my sit.  I had been visualizing and itemizing the points outlined in my DMP.  Now instead I seem to be focusing on giving thanks for all the many blessings I have already received.  My emphasis is moving toward one of knowing that although I have not attained my financial targets, most of my other objectives have already been met. I AM healthy; I make my own decisions; I am happy.  Therefore I have confidence that I will also attain financial independence.

I had an interesting encounter with my adult son the other day.  He was fussing at me about something. (He seems to think he has become the father and I the child.)  I assumed the power stance; didn’t say a word.  He paused in his tirade; looked at me and said are you supposed to be Super girl; laughed and walked away.  I thought WOW.  I must admit that he returned later in the day to continue the discussion.  I fell into my old blueprint momentarily. Then I recalled the morning’s behavior and closed my mouth.

I think this video relates to our challenge of the week.

do u dare to dream? – wake up and go out from your comfort zone

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