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Last week I committed to dedicating three consecutive hours to SILENCE.  My fellow MMKMMA travelers have committed from one to three days. I chose a time frame I could commit to and keep, as I always keep my promises.  It was touch and go for a while as to whether I would keep even that small commitment.  Two of our affirmations—I always keep my promises; Do it now—have apparently not only become habits but are also integrated into my daily functioning.

This morning from 5 – 8 a.m. I devoted to silence.  I enjoyed the experience.  I found it calming,and full of peace and serenity.  I was not plagued by watching the clock and the time passed quickly except for the last minute when I began to watch the clock.  Obviously, this time span was far short of the task set us.  I did not experience any surprising or unsurprising revelations.  However, I did receive an idea about how to approach a situation I am facing. During this quiet time I gave myself permission to be okay with not doing the full 24 hours of silence.  I am okay with where I am and what I am achieving.  Yea, more money would be great, but nothing drastic will befall me if I don’t significantly increase my income. Thus another benefit of this exercise for me is that it is okay to love me just as I am.

I really love the structure that the daily and weekly tasks have added to my life. I am planning to continue the pattern we have established. My makeover word this week was courage. I felt really courageous when I stepped off into my silence.  Then once I had begun I wondered what I was making all the fuss about.

Check out the interesting video below on Courage.

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