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A major task this week is the creation of an effective audio DMP [definite major purpose].  Its components include not only the DMP but also our smart goals.  As a repeat voyager, I have had this task before.  However, since I created my initial audio DMP, my PPNs [personal pivotal needs]  have changed.  Therefore a do-over is required.

The first time around I experienced many difficulties and challenges.  I am now better equipped to handle the task and have set up mental steps for completion of this task.  My plan is as follows:

1.  Identify and record selected music background

2. Research alliances and digital connections for tips  and strategies others have found successful.

3.  Record DMP and smart goals into music background.

4.  Copy or transfer this recording to cell phone

5.  Celebrate completion of my task and share my joy with friends on twitter, Facebook and in the Alliances.

Those readers who may not have traveled on this MKMMA journey may think this should be easy and simple to accomplish.  Since thoughts fuel actions I also believe this will be a piece of cake—right?    Now that I have my plan laid out and since I believe in Do It Now, I will publish this post  and immediately commence step one.

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