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This is another exciting and inspiring week.  Since I am very conscious of the words I use and maintaining only desirable thoughts, I will only wonder why it took me so long to really gain the concept and understand the power of word pictures and adding emotion [enthusiasm] to my DMP.  As I wrote and reread my revised version, I could hear the enthusiasm in my voice without forcing it as I have been doing in the past.  When I used words that brought a visual image to my mind, like ivory wall, pale blue carpet, etc.  I could see myself in the setting and it was really exciting.  These words seem to move my DMP from a cognitive level to a ‘real’ level.  This is the future me.  Wow!!!

I continue to find incorporating smart goals challenging.  However, it appears to me if I view them as tools toward achieving my DMP the task becomes easier.  I ask myself what will help me achieve financial freedom and my dream future.  Do I expect a genie to wave a magic wand and all these things will appear?  Yes and no. Yes, I believe that something marvelous and miraculous will happen, but I will have to do more than dream about it. I have therefore incorporated tasks which I believe will move me forward. (I have posted a copy of my new/revised DMP so check it out if you are interested.)

I have experienced the success of this process.  I was enabled to refinance my home thus providing money to buy a new [automatic] KIA in December 2014.  The mortgage company called me; I was not looking.  I closed within 30 days of that phone call and two weeks later purchased my new car.  Having an automatic shift was very important as driving my stick shift exacerbated the pain I was experiencing from arthritis in my left hip.  Moreover, I successfully recovered from hip replacement surgery though living alone and being homebound for six weeks.     The kindness and generosity of others was amazing and most of it was voluntarily provided without my asking.

My DMP now contain PPN’s, smart goals and emotions.  It is just a matter of  time before it manifests in my life.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience and learn from this course.

“The best way to get where you’re going is to know where you want to go.  Theresa Newell”

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As I approached this week’s webinar I just knew I had a ‘slam dunk’.  I had been through this process twice and really fine tuned and updated my PPN’s last year.  Surprise, surprise!  As I participated in Mark’s non-dominant hand activity, I discovered ‘subby’ had something new in mind for me.  Wow!  I was very secure in my PPN’s of True Health and Helping Others.  In fact, I had already woven them into and integrated them in my new and revised DMP.  But something unexplainable happened.  My non-dominant hand selected two entirely new PPN’s [Legacy and Liberty].

I looked both words up in the dictionary and confirmed my understanding of legacy but received a broader meaning for liberty.  After careful thought I decided that legacy really is not a primary need for me at this time, as I have no immediate members of my family left living.  So I chose not to change to legacy.  However, the broad definition of liberty [the ability to do what you want to do] was like a light bulb being turned on.  Because included with the ability ‘to do’ goes the finances ‘to do’.  Yippee!  For me this says it all.  There are certain specific things I wish to do, which I have already identified in my DMP.   Subby has my back.  I won’t have to rewrite this DMP, rather refine it.

So my new DMP will now reflect the PPN’s of Liberty and True Health.  Health is such a major goal and need in my life [as a s senior citizen] I need to continue it as a major focus of my life. Although I did not select Legacy, I will continue to live a life that I want others in my family to copy—one of loving and caring about others.

I continue to be amazed by the power of the activities Mark J and team have us engage in.  I encourage each of you to trust the team.  Do the activities even if they don’t make a lot of sense to you.  It has been my experience that they are very effective.

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Week 2: Integrating Personal Pivotal Needs [PPNs] into Definite Major Purpose[DMP]

TheresaMaster Key Mastermind Alliance is an exciting and stimulating program. I am learning a great deal about the sub-conscious and how it makes all my decisions. One of our exercises this week was to select two PPNs from a group of seven. Those seven are: Legacy, Spiritual Growth, Autonomy, Liberty, Helping Others, Recognition for Creative Expression and True Health. While listening to Mark (the instructor) explain and give directions, I was deciding which two I would choose. However, Mark through me a curve ball when he gave instructions to look up and then pick our two choices. My pen did not select the same two PPNs as my conscious mind had selected. Conscious mind selected Liberty and True Health. The pen (subby) selected Autonomy and True Health. Therefore, since I tend to be very compliant, I went with the Autonomy choice. Surprisingly (to me) I discovered that was right for me.

As I began to rewrite my DMP it was very easy to incorporate Autonomy. (I verified the definition of autonomy in the dictionary before proceeding.) Subby knew best. This version of my DMP was much easier to write. The words just seemed to flow. However, I haven’t received the evaluation back yet. I am sure there will be suggestions for improvement. I look forward to receiving them. Reading my second DMP aloud has been a much more positive and enervating experience for me. This is because it now contains information about what I really want to do now and in the future although all statements are for the present time.


The activity of repeating ‘do it now’ was also helpful. Knowing that I tend to procrastinate with chores, it was my intention to complete my chore on Monday. Monday was gone; Tuesday was gone; and, suddenly it was Wednesday—chore still undone. I completed my morning routine; went out to the store; and upon my return I immediately began work on my chore. I finished it. (YAY). It took a little longer and was more tiring than I expected. But, I stuck with it. I did not stop mid-stream. I seemed to hear voices saying ‘do it now’. Repeating ‘do it now’ 25 times twice daily is another one of our exercises for week 2.

Yes, this is an awesome experience and I am grateful to be a part of it. The instructional team is outstanding and judging from comments of the students, they too are awesome.

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