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Week 2: Integrating Personal Pivotal Needs [PPNs] into Definite Major Purpose[DMP]

TheresaMaster Key Mastermind Alliance is an exciting and stimulating program. I am learning a great deal about the sub-conscious and how it makes all my decisions. One of our exercises this week was to select two PPNs from a group of seven. Those seven are: Legacy, Spiritual Growth, Autonomy, Liberty, Helping Others, Recognition for Creative Expression and True Health. While listening to Mark (the instructor) explain and give directions, I was deciding which two I would choose. However, Mark through me a curve ball when he gave instructions to look up and then pick our two choices. My pen did not select the same two PPNs as my conscious mind had selected. Conscious mind selected Liberty and True Health. The pen (subby) selected Autonomy and True Health. Therefore, since I tend to be very compliant, I went with the Autonomy choice. Surprisingly (to me) I discovered that was right for me.

As I began to rewrite my DMP it was very easy to incorporate Autonomy. (I verified the definition of autonomy in the dictionary before proceeding.) Subby knew best. This version of my DMP was much easier to write. The words just seemed to flow. However, I haven’t received the evaluation back yet. I am sure there will be suggestions for improvement. I look forward to receiving them. Reading my second DMP aloud has been a much more positive and enervating experience for me. This is because it now contains information about what I really want to do now and in the future although all statements are for the present time.


The activity of repeating ‘do it now’ was also helpful. Knowing that I tend to procrastinate with chores, it was my intention to complete my chore on Monday. Monday was gone; Tuesday was gone; and, suddenly it was Wednesday—chore still undone. I completed my morning routine; went out to the store; and upon my return I immediately began work on my chore. I finished it. (YAY). It took a little longer and was more tiring than I expected. But, I stuck with it. I did not stop mid-stream. I seemed to hear voices saying ‘do it now’. Repeating ‘do it now’ 25 times twice daily is another one of our exercises for week 2.

Yes, this is an awesome experience and I am grateful to be a part of it. The instructional team is outstanding and judging from comments of the students, they too are awesome.

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