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One of the team’s major tasks this week is to turn off the television for seven days. How can I enjoy life without television?  Is there life without TV?  What do I use to fill the void that is left? Can I survive seven days without entertainment?  How will I fill my time?  I suspect that many of the first-time travelers on this awesome MasterKey  journey experience similar thoughts.  As a repeat traveler, the task is easier for me, yet I too experienced a void this week.

Sassy [my 4-legged daughter, small terrier] and I have been overwhelmed by the silence.  There are just the two of us.  So, when she is not actively pursuing her role as massive protector and guard dog, barking at intruders [passersby outside] there is nothing but silence.  I have noticed that my attention now seems to remain more focused.  I have fewer distractions and the ideas seem to come and flow more quickly and smoothly as I write.  I seem to be completing my morning routine more quickly.

I have also discovered that I enjoy this peace and quiet.  Where before I used the TV as a company-keeper, I am discovering that perhaps it was just distracting noise.  Due to previous MKMMA experiences I had reduced my TV time significantly, but gradually was falling back into old patterns of behavior.  I appreciate this week’s task as I now intend to schedule TV time instead of turning it on in the morning, supposedly to hear the news, and leaving it on.  The following strategies help me make effective use of my quiet time.


1.  Embrace the time.  I utilize the quiet time to complete tasks that require concentration, precision and persistence.

2. Plan alternative entertainment. I determine what alternative activities I can engage in to replace my normal TV time.  Some that I consider are  chatting with family/friends; reading; listening to music or the radio, etc.

3. Remind myself that I control my thoughts. When I view this quiet time as an asset to work completion it becomes a positive rather than a negative.

Thanks Mark J and team.  As always you continue to provide experiences that shake up my life.

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