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Happiness is:

Waking up

Having ability to think and reason

Knowledge all bills are paid

Having ability to navigate independently and without pain

Knowledge family is healthy, safe and secure

In a nutshell happiness is health, wealth and life.

As I resume my normal patterns of life[hip replacement surgery on 4/8/15], the above thoughts are coursing through my mind.  I am grateful and thankful that I am alive.  The Lord has allowed me another day.  He continues to give me the power to think, reason and make decisions.  I am pain free and when twinges occur I can immediately control the situation.  I am able to navigate my home and take care of my personal and household needs.  In the very near future I will be released to resume my normal lifestyle.  I have the wit to recognize that these are blessings from the Lord and are not my due.  I have lived 78 years, experiencing no major health challenges until the recent problem with arthritis of the hip.  I was released from the hospital two days after surgery with out any major injunctions regarding behavior.  Although I live alone and do not have family nearby someone has been available to do any of the tasks I am not allowed to complete.  WOW!!!

I tend to be reluctant to ask for help, not wanting to impose on others.  Friends and strangers have stepped in to help me in my time of need.  My therapists (OT and PT) have provided assistance that I am certain is outside of their job description.  One visited the grocery store,bought milk and a couple of items; also picked up my mail from down the street; put my garbage can on the curb; put laundry in the washer, etc.  These ladies were strangers.  A friend called to check on me then came over and did my laundry.  Another friend came over and filled a prescription for me.

My life has been in a holding pattern during these three weeks since surgery.  Reflecting back on the goodness of others reinforces for me my desire to share and pay forward the kindnesses that I have been receiving.  It would be very easy to focus on what is ‘missing’ from my life.  However, I choose to focus on what ‘is’.  I am so grateful for those who share their love and kindness with me and am motivated to take a more active role in spreading joy and kindness to others.

I will integrate Og Mandino’s thought “Never will I labor to be happy; rather will I remain too busy to be sad. I will enjoy today’s happiness today.”[scroll VII]



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My initial thoughts as I prepared to write this post were to entitle it Persistence Leads to Success. As my thoughts percolated I realized I would need to define success.  Further thought led me to question whether success and happiness  were the same.

My underlying goal for this post is to emphasize and focus on persistence leading to success.  However, each individual may have a different definition for success.  For me happiness is part of success. I desire ‘wealth’ and the required ‘stuff’ to satisfy my physical needs.  But I find that good health, harmony and happiness are even more necessary for my attainment of success.

As a senior citizen whose physical body is no longer at its prime, I require sufficient health to undertake my daily activities independently and without pain. I need pleasant and harmonious interactions with others [social activities] and the financial resources to engage in activities I find pleasant, entertaining and broadening. Now that I have clarified and defined ‘my success’.  I can visualize and clarify my image of success. This will then guide me to the actions that will lead to its attainment.

Lesson 16 of Haanel introduces to some and clarifies for others the Septimal Law [Law of Sevens].  I had previously heard that seven is the number of completion but had not been exposed to its components as outlined in Lesson 16. Haanel indicates life consists of several stages which are birth, growth, fruitage and decline. He states that life is growth and growth is change.  The seventh stage is that of readjustment, reconstruction and harmony, sometimes mentioned as the millennium. I personally fall within this latter stage.  This explains why my interests would lean more toward attaining health, peace and harmony rather than material wealth.  As I review my many accomplishments and achievements [a by-product of the activities of this awesome MKMMA journey] I realize I am very close to achieving my ultimate goal –a healthy body, a peaceful and harmonious life, and financial independence.

As I review the past I realize that I did not give up.  I persisted when I encountered obstacles and challenges, I found a way to overcome them. [When life threw me oranges, I made orange juice].  Wow, this is not the way I had intended for this post to go.  I wanted to share the principles from Lesson 16 that resonated with me such as:

16:1 wealth is a means not an end; 16:4 [wealth] is a medium for securing things of real value whereby our ideals may be realized; 16:16 thinking is the one great cause in life.

Through the power of thought and the  use of visualization we can achieve our desires.  However we must be specific, and clear.  We must be positive. 16:37 …harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend upon the possession of things.  That things are effects and come as a consequence of correct mental states.

Success vs. Happiness.  For me happiness is part of success.  I am happy when I am healthy, am in harmony with those around me and am financially independent.  As Mandino states in  Scroll 4 I am nature’s greatest miracle.  I am healthy, ‘wealthy—having all the important things as opposed to monetary things or possessions, and wise because I recognize and appreciate my gifts.


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