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In this post I share strategies and techniques I have gained on my MasterKey  Mastermind journey that allow me to use my life challenges to facilitate success. In this instance success equals manifestation of definite major purpose.  However I believe the ideas listed below are transferable to any definition of success.

An important underlying principle is that knowledge does not apply itself.  This has been a constant and repetitive refrain shared by Mark J and his team.  Cognitively that seems clear and easy to understand.  However, in practicality and reality I have found this is a cloudy concept.  Are there specific steps one must take to apply knowledge?  Are these steps limited, or do they vary from person to person?  A reason that gaining understanding of this concept is so important is that it leads to manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].  As I have mentioned previously this is my third time traveling on this road.  Although I have shown tremendous growth and progress, I have not completely mastered this task.  Here are some ideas I believe will facilitate and enhance my application of the knowledge I am acquiring to use life’s challenges to facilitate my success and achieve manifestation of my DMP.


1. Identify what needs to be done.  Our MKMMA journey requires completion of certain daily tasks.

2.  Make a plan of action.  Establish times for action to be taken.  For example if I must complete a 15 minute sit, will I do this at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. ?  The time I choose is irrelevant.  The issue is that I assign a time for myself and follow through.  I don’t just think about the need for a ‘sit’.  I establish a pattern and a habit for its completion.

3.  Take action. Implement the plan.  ‘DO IT NOW’.  I believe that this is the key to applying knowledge—that one goes beyond knowing to doing.

[As Mark J  has said, the best detailed map will not take you to your destination if you do not set forth on the journey. ]

I enjoyed the above video so much I had to include it even though it was not quite on target with my purpose for this post.  However, the emphasis on failure being a part of success seems very relevant to me.  Persistence and determination are also integral components of this video.  He doesn’t talk about applying knowledge.  However, it appears self-evident to me that he is constantly applying his knowledge.  Thanks for visiting my post.

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