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How does kindness keep depression away?  As a third time voyager on the MKMMA journey I have not been as up-to-date on my weekly blogs as I have in the past.  However I continue to rejoice and grow in the MasterKey Experience.  I have learned so much during this experience.  Many targets on my DMP [definite major purpose] have been achieved, checked off, replaced and or up-dated.  As we draw near the conclusion of the 2016 experience I would like to emphasize and share what has been for me the most outstanding learning experience of this course.  It is the validity of ‘give more, get more’.

Initially ‘give more, get more’ meant to me more things, money, influence, etc.  Now at the conclusion of three years, I have a very different view.  As I give more of myself, the more I grow as an individual—in my understanding of self and others. A prime example of this is the ‘kindness’ activity.

In my first exposure to the task of an anonymous kindness daily, I found this difficult to do and very challenging.  I have now integrated it into my lifestyle and what a change it has made.  I am a retired widow who lives alone and has limited outside interactions. Thus encountering someone else daily had to be orchestrated.  Since 2013 I have found many ways to do this, and wonder of wonders it has become a habit.  In the past I became very annoyed and angered by telemarketer calls; was unpleasant and unkind to the caller. The kindness challenge helped me turn this into a kindness by being friendly, kind and nice to the caller while still asking to be removed from their caller list.  I quickly learned that my mood changed for the better.

This was a very helpful lesson.  I soon noticed that my mood improved generally when I did something for someone else.  Voila!  Now when I feel down or a little sad I seek out a way to do or say something uplifting to someone else.  This is really working for me.  My kindnesses to others not only brightens their day but mine as well.  For me it is indeed true, that a kindness a day keeps depression away. This new habit of a ‘kindness a day’ is my proudest achievement of the MasterKey Experience.

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