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Theresa and Week 1 of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance

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This is such an awesome experience and my enthusiasm has not waned but increased.  Initially when I reviewed the assignments and tasks, I felt overwhelmed.  I wondered how I could accomplish all the activities and complete the activities of my daily work routine.  I thought, ‘my goodness I am retired and this is going to be a real challenge to complete.  I wonder how those who are employed will get it all done.’

Nonetheless, I have not only managed to complete the MKMMA tasks, complete my business activities, complete my training activities and still have time for personal reading which is my recreation.

I found completion of the DMP (Dharma) most challenging.  I was able to submit what I now consider to be my first draft.  I will begin work on revisions and updates after Sunday’s webinar.

I tend to be early in completion of tasks and find in this course I will probably be better advised to slow down and wait.  Complete drafts and keep them ready but wait until I can review what is being said in our communications system and incorporate that information into my final products.

I am very appreciative and thankful for being included in this life-changing course.  Although I have passed the glory days of my life I have not entered my decline.  I look forward to the future promising activities that await me.



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