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The theme of scroll 2 of Og Mandino is LOVE.  Most of us have heard the expression that love makes the world go round. Love is indeed a very necessary part of our lives.  Just think how empty life would be without having someone to share love with or to give love to.

However, as I look around me I see evidence of our culture’s worship of things and power.  I notice little emphasis on love. Of course parents love their children, or do they.  Many seem to put the needs of their children at the bottom of their to do list—placing money, things, work, power, etc. first.  Scroll 2 suggests we take a more proactive attitude toward love.  We are to love our enemies and they will become friends; encourage our friends and they will become brothers.  Love renews and energizes us.

I have found the act of giving not only invigorating but also motivating.  I am one of those individuals who was very mean to callers soliciting one thing or another from me.  I used to be rude and unkind.  At the end of the call I felt frustrated and put upon.  Since adopting the two activities in ‘the flow of giving’, my attitude has done an about face.  I am no longer angry and upset with the caller.  I greet them in a friendly manner; thank them for calling; wish them a great day; and, request removal of my name from their list.  Wow what a difference my change in behavior has made.  And, it also seems as though I receive fewer of these calls.  I’m sure the quantity has not changed just my attitude.

I also notice I now seem to meet more friendly people; those with a smile and a pleasant attitude.  Is my change of attitude and behavior affecting others who come in contact with me?  I can truly say that living a life focused on being loving and giving to others certainly yields many positive results.


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Tis the week before Christmas and all through the house thoughts are focused on what?  My thoughts are on finding ways of sharing my love with others—family and friends, but also, others in general. 

Haanel 12:17 states

…every thought has the inherent germ of truth in order that the law of growth will bring into manifestation good, for good alone can confer any  permanent power.

12:18 The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power..is the law of attraction, which is another name for love….the law of love…It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought.  Feeling is desire and desire is love.  Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible.

12:19…the law of love is the creative force behind every manifestation, not only of atoms, but of worlds, is the creative force behind every manifestation, not only of atoms, but of worlds, of the Universe, of everything of which the imagination can form any conception.

I believe my thoughts can provide me not only the power to achieve my DMP, the goals and objectives of my life, but also aid me in guiding others to similar successful actions.  I want to engage in actions that will help others, spiritually, physically and financially. I initiated this MKMMA journey with the goal in mind of improving myselfAlong the way my idea of a successful me has changed.  The themes of this course that have resonated most with me are the ones involving love.

Our power comes from our thoughts.

12:21 It is the combination of Thought and Love which forms the irresistible force, called the law of attraction.

12:25 Power comes through repose.  It is by concentration that deep thoughts, wise speech, and all forces of high potentiality are accomplished.

As we have learned in this course, knowledge does not apply itself.  We must take an active role.  Take control of our thoughts and connect with the power within.  Og Mandino notes in Scroll II

“Never will I allow my heart to become small and bitter , rather I will sharfe it and it will grow and warm the earth.”  I can focus on the negative—she did this to me—she said that—or I can use the mental diet and the law of dual thought.  I can choose to think of love and ways I can share it.  In this season of giving I choose to focus on LOVE and the POWER of THOUGHT.


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inherit1a             inheritance

John 14:2{KING JAMES}

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

I am claiming the  mansion that has been prepared for me. My mansion is surrounded by fertile land which produces enough food to feed a nation.  The domestic animals and the nearby woods provide meat for all.  Those living with or  near me not only have their needs met but also the desires of their heart.  I claim this inheritance and live in the house provided making sure that none of my co-laborers are in need.  I share my love and wealth with  all whom I encounter. I utilize my power to bring peace, prosperity and harmony to all.  In taking possession of my property I make sure that it is well kept and maintained.  Negligent upkeep is not allowed.  Rather, we, those who dwell here, delight in maintaining and improving our home.  We proclaim to those near and far that this  is ‘ours’ and invite them to share in our prosperity.

My children are taught ‘give more, get more’ and already have adopted this point of view.  Thus when they come into their inheritance they will continue in this vein. Haanel tells us in item 28 “All possession is the result of the accumulative attitude of mind, or the money consciousness; this is the magic wand which will enable you to receive the idea, and it will formulate plans for you to execute,…”

How awesome to know it is ‘already done’.  My prosperity already exists.  All I need do is ‘earnestly desire it,’ ‘assert [my] claim,’ and ‘take possession.’


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