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Week One 2015 Master Key—Defining My Definite Major Purpose [DMP]


Have you ever encountered people who enjoy visiting a certain area so much that they return time and time again?  Well, the Master Key Experience is like that for me.  I took my first trip down this trail in 2013.  I learned a lot but finished the course feeling as those I had missed something.  I then completed the 2014 journey.  Many, many concepts were clarified and opened to my understanding.  In 2013 I had difficulty understanding ‘follow your bliss’ and truly integrating emotion and feeling into reading my DMP.

Now here I am again starting the 2015 journey.  I am a very different individual from the person I was in 2013.    I now have a family consisting of just  me and my 4-legged daughter Sassy [small terrier].  My only son passed in July 2014.  I have extended family several hundred miles away but that’s not the same as having loved ones close-by.  I have really embraced the process of defining and refining my DMP.  Last year I just tweaked it a little.  But now all but one of my major joys have been attained.  I have the new car; survived hip replacement surgery and I am now pain free; have the joy that passes understanding. ( I am not sad, when it seems I should be.  Strangers and acquaintances are so very nice to me.)

Now that I have a better understanding of what brings me joy and happiness, I have a better handle on what my bliss is. So I was quickly and easily able to write a current and up-to-date DMP.  My earlier version had a financial goal.  Now I want what the finances can provide me in comfort—physical and emotional.  I want a comfortable home with certain amenities,  (mortgage free); debt free car; and, adequate funds for travel and socializing with family and friends.  I will publish my DMP here when I have finalized it.

My personal pivotal needs have remained True Health and Helping Others.  Those traveling on this journey will learn about how our actions are driven by these pivotal needs.  I am really excited about the experiences I anticipate as a result of this year’s course activities.  I have already internalized the concept of ‘do it now’ and if I write it down I must do it.  My life is so much happier and healthier as a result of my MKMMA experiences.  Negativity and fear are no longer roadblocks in my life.  Rather they are just signs indicating a need for redirection.

In closing, I have met the future me and I not only like me, but also love me.

A work in progress—Theresa Newell

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Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days!


We’ve been waiting and now it is here.  The Master Key Experience Course Launch starts on September 10th.  This is an opportunity to turn your life around.  Take charge.  Become the you you want to be rather than fitting into a mold designed by others.  Are you tired of spending your days, and many nights, engaged in activities that bring you little joy or pleasure.  Are there things you would like to be doing but can’t find the time or money to do them?

If this sounds like you, you want to get the details about this life changing opportunity.  Sign-up below and I will send you the info as soon as it is released.  No money needed just a few minutes of your time to learn how you can go from the bottom to the top, financially, physically and emotionally.

The Master Key Experience Course is not a get rich quick scheme.  Rather participants learn life-changing skills that enable them to achieve their dreams, reach their goals and help us.  If this sounds right for you, stay tuned for more details.

Mark J and his team are awesome instructors.  I completed the course in 2013 and did a retake in 2014.  I attained most of the targets I set.  My time line was a little off for some but I persisted and overcame.  The most beneficial aspect of this training for me is that I have become a better person.  I get along better with others, I complete the tasks I set for myself and I am happier.  I am not the richest in material wealth but I am at the top with those who have attained peace and joy.

Join us for our launch on September 10.  Sign up here to receive an invitation.

For more details visit  2015 Master Key Launch 


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