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Week One 2015 Master Key—Defining My Definite Major Purpose [DMP]


Have you ever encountered people who enjoy visiting a certain area so much that they return time and time again?  Well, the Master Key Experience is like that for me.  I took my first trip down this trail in 2013.  I learned a lot but finished the course feeling as those I had missed something.  I then completed the 2014 journey.  Many, many concepts were clarified and opened to my understanding.  In 2013 I had difficulty understanding ‘follow your bliss’ and truly integrating emotion and feeling into reading my DMP.

Now here I am again starting the 2015 journey.  I am a very different individual from the person I was in 2013.    I now have a family consisting of just  me and my 4-legged daughter Sassy [small terrier].  My only son passed in July 2014.  I have extended family several hundred miles away but that’s not the same as having loved ones close-by.  I have really embraced the process of defining and refining my DMP.  Last year I just tweaked it a little.  But now all but one of my major joys have been attained.  I have the new car; survived hip replacement surgery and I am now pain free; have the joy that passes understanding. ( I am not sad, when it seems I should be.  Strangers and acquaintances are so very nice to me.)

Now that I have a better understanding of what brings me joy and happiness, I have a better handle on what my bliss is. So I was quickly and easily able to write a current and up-to-date DMP.  My earlier version had a financial goal.  Now I want what the finances can provide me in comfort—physical and emotional.  I want a comfortable home with certain amenities,  (mortgage free); debt free car; and, adequate funds for travel and socializing with family and friends.  I will publish my DMP here when I have finalized it.

My personal pivotal needs have remained True Health and Helping Others.  Those traveling on this journey will learn about how our actions are driven by these pivotal needs.  I am really excited about the experiences I anticipate as a result of this year’s course activities.  I have already internalized the concept of ‘do it now’ and if I write it down I must do it.  My life is so much happier and healthier as a result of my MKMMA experiences.  Negativity and fear are no longer roadblocks in my life.  Rather they are just signs indicating a need for redirection.

In closing, I have met the future me and I not only like me, but also love me.

A work in progress—Theresa Newell

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I am a two-year veteran of the Master Key Experience and I can wholeheartedly say there is nothing like it.  This experience has changed and continues to change and impact my life.  In year one I was initially overwhelmed by tasks.  I had to struggle to incorporate, the reading tasks, the sit and organizational activities.  Year two went much more smoothly.  I gained a clearer understanding of many of the concepts I encountered in year one.

You, my reader (if you are still here) are wondering what in the world is she talking about.  Below I include a few examples of this awesome experience and its impact on me. You can also check out some of my earlier posts  to note the progress and growth I have experienced.

First, I not only learned the importance of habits, but gained the ability to utilize them to make significant changes in my life.  The daily reading assignment which was initially a major chore became very easy to complete once it became a habitual part of my daily routine.

The daily sit of 15 minutes was another challenge.  I had trouble fitting it in and in the beginning I tended to omit it.  Once I utilized my knowledge of the power of habits and moved my sit to the beginning of the day, I found it not only easy to include but a very motivating and energizing part of my day.  If life circumstances intrude and prevent my morning sit, my day does not go well.   I make sure to adjust the next day’s schedule to include the sit.

Discovering the power and influence of  our sub-conscious and what we think was another of the life-changing experiences I encountered.  The mental diet taught me to exclude and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  Refraining from giving opinions not only improved my relationships with others but brought me a clearer understanding of myself.

Last, and definitely not least developing my DMP (definite major purpose) and identify my PPNs (personal pivotal needs) was the icing on the cake.  Throughout  my two year experience I have attained several of the targets recorded in my DMP.  I completed my trip to Australia in 2014,  obtained a new car in 2015, and consciously (and sometimes inadvertently) do at least one kindness weekly.

I have not yet achieved my financial targets, but I am becoming my future me. If  this discussion has intrigued you ,you will want more information about how to move from being a stagnant, broke individual, following a course plotted out for you by someone else.  You will want to learn how to become a self-direct person, where inexplicable events seem to drive you toward the attainment of  your dreams and thoughts.

Approximately 300 completed the 2014 Master Key Experience course.  This does not include the lifetime members like myself  who are still involved because of extraordinary value it provides to our lives.  Sign up below to get advance information on the  2015 course which will launch in September.  The cost to you is 1$.  Are you worth that investment?  No charge for information about the course.  SIGN UP HERE for free information about the launch.


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Mandino’s scroll III focuses our attention on persistence.  Here are some key thoughts that resonated with me.

I know that small attempts, repeated will complete any undertaking.

I will toil and I will endure.  I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head…

I must fail often to succeed only once.

It is a given that quitters never win.  One must be “in” the game to have a chance at winning.  I have heard it said that one learns more from one’s failures than one’s successes.  Failures help us refine our approach to a task.  We can make modifications, refine or eliminate unsuccessful approaches.

Most will not quit after one failure [one strike], but the question seems evident.  How long do I persist?  Scroll III indicates one persists until one succeeds.  Wow!!  I have also heard that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well.

It seems to be a ‘no brainer’ that one cannot persist at a multiplicity of tasks over an extended period of  time. A definite purpose [DMP}simplifies the task.  Focus on the definite purpose and persisting until successful  becomes a more manageable task.  I have adopted this thought from scroll III “I will never consider de3feat and I will remove from my vocabulary such words and phrases as quit, cannot, unable, impossible, out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless, and retreat; for they are the words of fools.”

“I will persist until I succeed.” Since I am guided by the [compass] and not the [clock] time is not a factor.  A successful outcome is my goal and each day I have a fresh start.

Thought to ponder. Success may look different to each individual—for some it may be money or material possessions; for others it may be achieving a particular goal.


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What is imagination you may ask?  Webster defines it as follows:  : the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality. 2 a : creative ability.

Week 8 of Haanel provides the following insights.

8-6  …cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of the ideal out of which your future will emerge.

8-8  Imagination is the light by which we can penetrate new worlds of  thought and experience.

8-10  Imagination is a plastic power, molding the things of sense into new forms and ideals.

WOW!  If I can learn to control and manipulate my imagination I can control my future destiny.  However, first I must be able to perceive and visualize this desired reality.  How do I achieve that?  Well, I am a student in this process but already experiencing growth.  I have learned to visualize and see myself five years from now.  I can see my accomplishments and achievements.  Guess what, I acquired this ability through daily practice.  Where have we heard ‘practice makes perfect’?  Therefore if I utilize [practice] my imagination daily, I will grow in my ability to perceive and visualize the direction I wish my life to  take.  I can see this senior citizen [me] walking briskly and merrily down the road—independently, no cane or crutch.  I can see myself looking at my bank balance, noting the healthy balance and determining with whom I can share my abundance.  I look and can see the awesome growth in my ministry membership and the good works accomplished by it.  All of this is happening through the power of my imagination. Now, having seen it, I know that others will also be able to see it.

The MKMMA course and following its teachings has already manifested certain of the ideals from my 2013 DMP [definite major purpose].  My overall demure has become pleasant and positive.  This may sound like bragging, rather it is an observation.  I am frequently told how pleasant I am.  Strangers frequently assist me in a variety of ways [on their own initiative].  I have internalized ‘do it now’, which has resulted in my experiencing more peace and contentment.  My use of my imagination in a daily exercise seems to have resulted in my completion of daily tasks in an orderly almost effortless manner.  First I believe, then I perceive [imagination], then it happens.  I can’t always say how or why but it does.

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WEEK 6—2014 MKMMA: Visualizing My Dharma

Visualizing  my Dharma

Visualizing my Dharma

This is my second experience with creating a Dream Board.  I did it last year as part of the 2013 MKMMA requirements.  For some [unknown] reason I found the experience more challenging this time.  Last year I breezed through the process and completed the exercise in one day.  This time it has taken four days and I feel as though there are a few more items I would like to add.  Hopefully this change is due to my having a better understanding not only of the task but also of whom I am and who I want to be.

It was really fun to include a picture of the new [automatic transmission] car  ‘subby’ is going to provide me, making driving more fun and less physically challenging. I now finally understand the ‘smart goals’.  Last year I just couldn’t get it through my head.  I followed Mark’s examples but never really understood.  Now, boom, suddenly it is clear.  My smart goals are the tools and vehicles my subby will utilize  to make my Dharma a reality. How neat! A thought alone won’t achieve the desire d action.  Earnest desire and emotion/feeling must also be included.

Another major task completed what a feeling of satisfaction. The gal in the glass is very proud of me. I will give her a hug and a kiss tonight. Paraphrasing Mandino, I will close this day with love in my heart.

My search for a video that expressed the satisfaction I felt on completing this task did not yield  any  useful results.  However, the following video is similar and very much in tune with the ideas and principles we are learning.

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