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It is now Week 8 and I am beginning to see some results from the many routines and activities in which I have been engaged.  Prior to this class I began my day by reviewing my schedule of work tasks for the day.  Now, when I arise I immediately focus on and complete my MMMKA tasks.  Once I have completed my Master Key morning activity  I then begin my morning routine. Wow  my new blueprint is really forming.  I also experience the same scenario at the end of my day.  Once ready for bed I grab Og  and implement my evening routine. ‘Do it Now’ seems to prod me throughout my day.  For example, one of my smart goals is to walk up and down the stairs XX amount of times. I now find that when I think of the fact that is something I need to do today, I proceed to implement the action then.  Wonderful for me.

I really look forward to and enjoy my quiet time.  I usually do this mid-day.  Yesterday I went shopping and returned home past my meditation time.  About two hours late I remembered I had forgotten to do my mid-day read and sit.  I was impelled to immediately complete the task right then. I am finding that I have not only more energy but also more enthusiasm after my quiet time.  Thus, I am more motivated to complete the unfinished work tasks that are still outstanding.

My success this week is the completion of my recording.  I listen to it while writing posts and completing other computer tasks.  Although not completely focused on the message, various points seem to resonate with me from time to time.  I continue to be very thankful for the opportunity to take this awesome journey along the road to self-growth and internal riches. My material riches are in the process of development.

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It seems amazing to me that we are already in Week 7 of our Master Key Master Mind Alliance Journey.  There have been a great deal of new experiences and challenges. Each week’s assignment has seemed more awe-inspiring and difficult.  Until now I have been so focused on whether or not I could meet the commitments (as promised), that I have over-looked the changes that are occurring in me and my behavior.  This week I have noticed some of the side benefits of my MMMKA activities.

I have a very  beloved sister with whom I have had difficulty communicating throughout our lives.  I am one year older and tend to ‘boss’ her or tell her what she should do.  During a recent conversation with her I was very frustrated by not being allowed to give an opinion (because of course I know just what she should do to solve her problem).  I could only tell her how much I love her and was available as a listening ear.  First, I was amazed at how easily these words came out of my mouth.  Second, this statement seemed to open the way for us to experience a really warm and loving conversation.  We were both able to agree that we could only walk in our own shoes.  The conversation ended on a happy note.  A couple of weeks ago, I would have told her just what she should do and why.  She would have become angry at me for thinking I have all the answers.  It seems to me I am really integrating the lessons of love and respect that we are being taught.  In this case practice did make perfect.  I have been consciously avoiding giving opinions so much that it is very easy for me to quickly realize when I am about to give one.  Evidently I am also incorporating replacing one thought (negative one) with another positive.  I don’t initially start with the positive thought but when I hear myself begin statements that are heading toward the negative or that I am not an ’expert’ about I quickly become aware and regroup.

The forest is still out there though.  This week’s assignment of a recording with music once again falls in an area of weakness for me.  I have not yet completed it but have visualized and planned just what I need to do.  Friday I will make my first recording attempt now that I have identified the music I wish to use as background.  I am also beginning to have more confidence in my ability to complete any task that I commit to.  I believe not only that I can do it, but will do it.  Thus I will (promise to) complete my recording by Monday.

I am really growing as a person, but do not understand how this is helping me become a better salesman.  I expect this will become clearer to me as we move along.  I am spending so much time on MMMKA that I am not making time for skill building using Mark J’s approaches.  I, however, am a work in progress so I will eventually be a reflection of my Press Release.

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