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MASTER KEY WEEK 16: Kindness, Love, Harmony

This week as I focused on kindness I quickly learned, that love seems to go hand-in-hand with kindness. I not only found it easy to look for ways to be kind to those I care about, but also felt cared about by those who reached out to me with kindnesses.  It was amazing to me to notice how many strangers were willing to extend a helping hand to someone they noticed having a difficulty. This included both men and women.  I was more surprised by the willingness of men to reach out and offer aid.  I wondered is it something unique about me?  Is my subby reaching out to others to provide me with the helping hands I need, or is it the genuine willingness of others to help.  I decided that question was irrelevant, because the bottom line was that many strangers extended genuine offers of assistance to someone they did not know or have any relationship with.

Although I have actively searched for opportunities to display kindness, I was the recipient of many more kindnesses than I extended.  However, I shared friendliness and smiles at every opportunity.  I did help others when ever I saw the opportunity, but this occurred only four times since Monday.  I am still on the lookout and will continue to share kindness and love every time I see an occasion.

I am experiencing more peace and harmony in my daily life.  I am uncertain if our current activities are the reason or if it is a multiplicity of factors.  I suspect it is the latter.  Seeking harmony in my sit seems to spill over into my non-sit time.  I am noticing my subby manifesting itself in certain of my behaviors, i.e. completing tasks in a timely fashion without forethought; resolving issue of completing Week 15 and Week 16 reads congruently, etc. A major accomplishment of subby was to relieve my frustration with being unable to complete required tasks at designated times.  Subby taught me to allow myself to do what I can, then catch up later.  This relieved a boatload of frustration and stress. It is very reassuring to me to realize that subby will also manifest my DMP.  This master-key mastermind journey has been such an awesome experience, I am dreading its conclusion.

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