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Master Key Week 15—Virtue and Kindness


This will be a short post as I am a week behind.  I downloaded Week 15 and viewed Week 15 Webinar on Saturday, 1/12/14.  Computer access was a significant problem during the last week of my vacation.  I really enjoyed my trip but my timing was really bad for active participation in this course.  It is really super to be back home.  Although my body is still working through jet lag (I seem to sleep all day.), habits are taking over and I am resuming my pre-trip pattern of behavior.  Today, third day back, after completing my morning read of Og and Week 15 I napped; read Og and Week 16 and was planning to postpone my usual mid-day sit, subby took over.  I completed the mid-day sit and it was at the same time as usual before my trip.  I also completed my mid-day MKMMA activities.  Yea, do it now is in control.

On Saturday, the day after my return I went grocery shopping.  Needless to say after a 3 week absence the refrigerator was bare.  My son was too zonked out to go with me.  I rode the handicapped cart and did my shopping.  I was totally unaware of this week’s focus on kindness.  However, so many people were very kind to me that day.  One lady helped me locate corricidin on the shelf (non-employee); a man handed me a package that was a little high and difficult for me to reach, another man picked up a package that I dropped; another lady saw me searching the frozen food section and located the item for which I was searching.  I really received a head-start on focusing on and appreciating kindness. I rewarded each helper with smiles and a thank you.

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The underlying theme this week continues to be persistence. As I watched ‘Rudy’ I was amazed at his persistence against obstacles that continued to re-occur even though he was giving his best.His definite major purpose was clearly observable.  He was not stopped by the continuing rejections for admission to Notre Dame but continued on. Once admitted he did not allow the evidence of his eyes to discourage him. I looked at the size of the football players and compared it in my mind with Rudy’s size and thought what a gigantic heart he must have. I was also impressed that he seemed more eager to achieve his goal for his father than for himself. It was great to watch circumstances come together and individuals change their viewpoints from one of negativity to positive support for Rudy even to the extent of encouraging him to continue when he was ready to give up. Hopefully the purpose of viewing this movie was to reinforce for us the benefits of having a dream, visualizing it and putting our all into attaining it. It appeared to me that the smiles on the faces of Rudy, his family, teammates and friends reflected the value of Rudy’s achievement and that his accomplishment touched each of them in a special way. This film clearly expressed Rudy’s  positive mental attitude, plans of action and the establishment of multiple master mind alliances.

I titled this week’s post ‘Satisfaction’ as those are the feelings I have experienced when my persistence has resulted in the achievement of certain goals that did not come easily. One of my major obstacles this week has been completing my readings and sit in a consistent fashion. I realize poor planning on my part is probably the major factor. However, I have given myself permission to not meet my OATS schedule.  Another challenge has been the slowness of  this internet connection.  Yet, when I do complete all the assigned tasks for a given day I feel really happy and successful. I love our new scroll which recognizes our uniqueness. I continue to be amazed and energized by this awesome mastermind experience.

One of the side benefits of my trip has been the opportunity to give gifts. Each day I greet many people and share smiles and friendly greetings. In return I have been receiving like responses. This has really enhanced my enjoyment of this holiday experience.

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