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The Master Key Experience [MKE] journey continues in week 3 with the creation of a movie trailer DMP.  We discover the strategies that help us create a movie trailer DMP [definite major purpose].  Most people are familiar with the movie trailers that appear frequently on TV.  That is our task this week—to create a movie trailer DMP.  This is a concise snapshot of our DMP which not only summarizes the DMP but invigorates and energizes the viewer/reader with the emotions and passion of our DMP.

In my earlier versions I concentrated on writing a brief summary of the key points in my DMP.  This year I am able to focus on the energy, emotions and feelings that are the driving forces in my DMP.  Practice does make perfect.  I quickly sailed through the process of creating my movie trailer DMP for my new revised, 2016 DMP.   I feel energized every time I read it.  The selection of vocabulary that contains both emotion and visual stimuli has really increased the power I feel when I read my movie trailer DMP.

As I continue to travel on this MKE journey, I continue to grow and see progress.  Thanks Mark J and MKMMA team for your guidance and direction.


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2015 MasterKey Experience Continuation: GUEST SPEAKER MARK J

Today’s post features Mark Januszewski, better known as Mark J.  Mark is the inspiration behind and a major force in the MasterKey Experience.  Based on observation I can truly say he is a very pragmatic, realistic and down to earth individual.  He doesn’t preach ‘do as I say’, or ‘get rich quick schemes’.  Rather he shares principles, strategies and activities that he has personally used and found effective.  Mark J has just published his first book Standing Tall which launches July 23, 2016.  Copies of a free chapter are available here.

Check out the video below and get first hand information from an individual who shares ideas that I believe can change one’s life from desperation to success and happiness. My contact with him has resulted in my seeing the manifestation of several components of  my DMP [definite major purpose] such as trip to South America in 2016. new deck and patio door in 2016, new car in 2015, successful hip replacement surgery 2015, and the list continues to grow.  This is not bragging just sharing the kinds of things that happens to those who join the masterKey experience.

Sign up below to receive your free chapter of Standing Tall.

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I am a two-year veteran of the Master Key Experience and I can wholeheartedly say there is nothing like it.  This experience has changed and continues to change and impact my life.  In year one I was initially overwhelmed by tasks.  I had to struggle to incorporate, the reading tasks, the sit and organizational activities.  Year two went much more smoothly.  I gained a clearer understanding of many of the concepts I encountered in year one.

You, my reader (if you are still here) are wondering what in the world is she talking about.  Below I include a few examples of this awesome experience and its impact on me. You can also check out some of my earlier posts  to note the progress and growth I have experienced.

First, I not only learned the importance of habits, but gained the ability to utilize them to make significant changes in my life.  The daily reading assignment which was initially a major chore became very easy to complete once it became a habitual part of my daily routine.

The daily sit of 15 minutes was another challenge.  I had trouble fitting it in and in the beginning I tended to omit it.  Once I utilized my knowledge of the power of habits and moved my sit to the beginning of the day, I found it not only easy to include but a very motivating and energizing part of my day.  If life circumstances intrude and prevent my morning sit, my day does not go well.   I make sure to adjust the next day’s schedule to include the sit.

Discovering the power and influence of  our sub-conscious and what we think was another of the life-changing experiences I encountered.  The mental diet taught me to exclude and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  Refraining from giving opinions not only improved my relationships with others but brought me a clearer understanding of myself.

Last, and definitely not least developing my DMP (definite major purpose) and identify my PPNs (personal pivotal needs) was the icing on the cake.  Throughout  my two year experience I have attained several of the targets recorded in my DMP.  I completed my trip to Australia in 2014,  obtained a new car in 2015, and consciously (and sometimes inadvertently) do at least one kindness weekly.

I have not yet achieved my financial targets, but I am becoming my future me. If  this discussion has intrigued you ,you will want more information about how to move from being a stagnant, broke individual, following a course plotted out for you by someone else.  You will want to learn how to become a self-direct person, where inexplicable events seem to drive you toward the attainment of  your dreams and thoughts.

Approximately 300 completed the 2014 Master Key Experience course.  This does not include the lifetime members like myself  who are still involved because of extraordinary value it provides to our lives.  Sign up below to get advance information on the  2015 course which will launch in September.  The cost to you is 1$.  Are you worth that investment?  No charge for information about the course.  SIGN UP HERE for free information about the launch.


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