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The Master Key Experience [MKE] journey continues in week 3 with the creation of a movie trailer DMP.  We discover the strategies that help us create a movie trailer DMP [definite major purpose].  Most people are familiar with the movie trailers that appear frequently on TV.  That is our task this week—to create a movie trailer DMP.  This is a concise snapshot of our DMP which not only summarizes the DMP but invigorates and energizes the viewer/reader with the emotions and passion of our DMP.

In my earlier versions I concentrated on writing a brief summary of the key points in my DMP.  This year I am able to focus on the energy, emotions and feelings that are the driving forces in my DMP.  Practice does make perfect.  I quickly sailed through the process of creating my movie trailer DMP for my new revised, 2016 DMP.   I feel energized every time I read it.  The selection of vocabulary that contains both emotion and visual stimuli has really increased the power I feel when I read my movie trailer DMP.

As I continue to travel on this MKE journey, I continue to grow and see progress.  Thanks Mark J and MKMMA team for your guidance and direction.


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2016 MKMMA: WEEK ONE—Finding My Bliss


I am excitedly commencing my fourth year on the Master Key  MasterMind  journey.  As I revise, rewrite and update my DMP [Definite Major Purpose], I believe I am very close to achieving success in finding my bliss.  Each year since September 2013 I have traveled this path.   I have experienced a tremendous amount of growth and revised my PPN’s .{Those who are on your first travel down this road will quickly learn and understand PPN’s, personal pivotal needs.]

This year I sailed quickly and smoothly through my rewrite and update.  I had no difficulty staying under 400 words; used terminology that painted word pictures; was precise, included dates and feelings.  Also, this year  for the first time I believe I am truly focusing on my bliss, those things that bring and give me pleasure.  Although increased income is still present in the current DMP, my emphasis is on what the funds will bring into my life and either do for me or for someone else.

I am energized and excited that although it has taken me three years to understand both cognitively and emotionally the desires of my heart, I have done it.  I can only look forward with happiness and joy to seeing and experiencing the manifestation of  my 2016 DMP.

I truly believe we are what we think and that thoughts control actions.

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I am very excited as I enter this phase of the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance journey and filled with anticipation for the new experiences and activities that await me.  This opportunity for exposure to new paths of learning  draws me like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I seek not only ‘the gold’ but the joy of new experiences and observing myself make even greater steps in growth and awareness.

Becoming more independent and self-directed is not an easy task for me.  I have become reliant on the directions of the expert [Mark J and team] and have seen the effectiveness of their instruction.  However, I am pleased with my progress and am ready for this next step.  I look forward to the new books and activities from which to choose.  I definitely believe that ‘subby’ has my back.  I intend to remain observant and avoid slipping back into old patterns of behavior.  Should I slip, as I probably will, it is my intention to make immediate corrections and redirect myself to paths that lead to fulfillment and manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].

Although change is hard.  It keeps me on my toes. The excitement and drama of my life continue.  I am still on top of the earth and refuse to be buried in the concrete of past unfulfilling precepts that mired me in going from nowhere to nowhere. I am now in control and will use the natural laws, i.e. Law of Attraction, to stay there.

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We have been provided a tremendous foundation and started down the road of success on an awesome journey.  In this week’s post I reflect on my next steps.

First, I continue to practice the good habits I have developed during my MKMMA journey.  Second, I continue to review my DMP [definite major purpose] and update it as needed.  I am happy and pleased to state that certain of the targets I stated at the beginning of the 2015 class have been achieved.  Also others have not been attained and need review, revision and updating. On those targets I have not yet achieved, I can see evidence of progress.  I will continue to display persistence and perseverance; evaluate, review and update these  targets as needed.

As this year’s class enters the continuation phase I look forward to the new activities and materials that will be provided for our exploration. My focus during this phase is to continue good habits, avoid falling back into bad habits and grow in independence and self-direction.

The following video  on PMA [PROGRESSIVE MENTAL ALIGNMENT]  uses different terminology  than we are accustomed to in MKMMA.  However, the info shared reinforces the principles of the power of  thinking.

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We have reached the conclusion of the formal training of the 2015 Masterkey Mastermind Alliance course.  What is next?  Will I be able to continue on this path to independence that I have begun?  Of course, that answer is yes.  The issue however is not can I, but will I?  hmm.  The choice is mine.  l can continue to practice and execute the new behaviors I have acquired during the past six months, or I can slip back into old patterns of behavior.

Most of us, I feel certain, will want to continue on our path to growth and manifestation of our DMP (definite major purpose).  However, it is very easy to fall into bad behaviors; omit a reading of Og; break a  recorded promise, etc.  Although I have successfully completed three sessions of this course I continue to face these challenges.  This year I have a plan that will move me toward greater independence while continuing to follow MKMMA guidelines.

I intend to participate in the  continuation course, but I will consciously modify my program to meet my needs.  I will continue the behaviors that have become part of my daily routine and move me forward in the manifestation of my DMP.  In my movement toward  becoming a self-directed learner I will pick and choose activities that move me toward my goals and omit those that are superficial.  Observation of my behavior over the past three years shows much growth.  In March 2014 when I completed my first course I felt totally unable to proceed without direction.  Now, after three years of training I am able to objectively determine my needs.  Yet I still benefit from the information and tidbits that Mark J and his team continue to share with us.

I am excited and look forward to exposure to the new training materials in the upcoming training session.  This definitely is not the end.  Rather it is the beginning of the next step in my development—transition from my past to my future.

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