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Week One 2014 MKMMA –Forming New Habits

My post is late this week.  However, I always keep my promisies, therefore I must keep my commitment to myself.  I gained so much from the 2013 Master Key Mastermind Alliance class that I want to review, renew and continue my personal growth. My cement buddha still interferes more often than I would like.I enjoy getting back into the habit of my daily sit. I had forgotten how energizing it is.

One of the things I learned last year that is being highlighted again is DO IT NOW. Fortunately I have apparently internalized that phrase.  When I am wanting to postpone something until a little later, I find myself engaged in the said action/activity. There are other concepts we were exposed to that are  still works in progress.

This is a really great  course and I really look forward to reinforcing past teachings and growing from ideas/concepts that I overlooked in the last session.  Our goal is to let our thoughts take charge rather than being led and directed by the thoughts, plans, etc.of  others.  I wish each of us a successful and enjoyable journey.

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We have reached the conclusion of our structured Master Mind Alliance journey.  During the past few weeks I have experienced feelings of  sadness as I anticipate continuing on without structured guidance.  However, as I reflect on the many tools, keys, habits and laws of which I have become aware, I realize that my journey has not ended.  Rather it has entered a new phase.  I am now responsible for directing my path.

The good habits I have established will guide me.  I will use the tools of  fear, anger, hurt feelings, guilt or unworthiness to face, conquer and overcome obstacles I encounter on my path. I will use the Law of Least Effort: Acceptance, Responsibility, Defenselessness and the mental diet to counteract negativity and negative thoughts.

I will continue to be aware of the power of  thought and that ‘subby’ makes all the decisions.  I will also continue to use the sit, the flash cards and the Franklin Makeover as a guide for shaping my behavior and life. This very definitely is not the end of my MKMMA journey.  Instead it is a beginning step along a self-directed path of action. I believe that each of us (MKMMAs) will see and experience the manifestation of our DMP.  Health, joy, prosperity and success await us.

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