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This week I am celebrating my improved observation skills.  I have noticed that I am making great progress on this journey toward improved self-awareness and self-control. My week has been filled with an over abundance of obstacles and frustrations.  Some have been minor some almost overwhelming.  Nonetheless, I have stayed the course.  I have hung in there and persisted, achieving success in each case wow. Here are a couple of examples.

It was almost as if I were a bird purchased on my shoulder watching me.  I was sending out a meeting notice by both iphone and email.  I did not know how to attach a text message to the SMS message.  I immediately sought YouTube and Google for solutions.  I did not find my answer.  However I did learn how to attach a picture.  Great, I snapped the document I wanted to send and sent the photo (image was small) which got the job done.  This task took me about an hour to complete.  Next since the meeting I am holding is to be by conference call, I needed to learn this procedure.  YouTube, my trusty advisor, immediately provided answers.  This process took an additional 30 minutes.  While learning how to make a conference call I noticed info about recording a call.  I decided this would also be useful for my upcoming meeting.

Now I am a veteran pc using but a novice iphone user.  So I had to search for apps [preferably free] for use in recording calls.  As an aside, I discovered more info on changing my voice than recording the call.  Why?  Is the software world ready to support criminals in fleecing the public? Hmmm.  Well, I downloaded a couple of apps and have selected one that I will use.  The point of this long story is to let you share some of the frustrations I experienced but did not let conquer me. Moreover, I never even considered stopping or quitting.  I am proud to say subby and I have internalized “do it now’”.

As I completed each task I experienced a feeling of joy and satisfaction that is hard to describe.  Winners win and I am a winner.  Thanks for allowing me to toot my horn of success.

When I began this post I was focused on my enduring until completion of the task [persistence].  However, after I viewed the video below I realized that my attitude was more that of patience.  I did not doubt that I would achieve the object I was seeking.  Talk about having and allowing yourself room to grow and change.  I believe this flexibility that  I am experiencing is another positive outcome of the MKMMA journey.

[If I can display this level of patience/persistence for one task, I can do it with any task.  The key is to ‘persist’ and not give up or give in.]

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