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This week I am celebrating my improved observation skills.  I have noticed that I am making great progress on this journey toward improved self-awareness and self-control. My week has been filled with an over abundance of obstacles and frustrations.  Some have been minor some almost overwhelming.  Nonetheless, I have stayed the course.  I have hung in there and persisted, achieving success in each case wow. Here are a couple of examples.

It was almost as if I were a bird purchased on my shoulder watching me.  I was sending out a meeting notice by both iphone and email.  I did not know how to attach a text message to the SMS message.  I immediately sought YouTube and Google for solutions.  I did not find my answer.  However I did learn how to attach a picture.  Great, I snapped the document I wanted to send and sent the photo (image was small) which got the job done.  This task took me about an hour to complete.  Next since the meeting I am holding is to be by conference call, I needed to learn this procedure.  YouTube, my trusty advisor, immediately provided answers.  This process took an additional 30 minutes.  While learning how to make a conference call I noticed info about recording a call.  I decided this would also be useful for my upcoming meeting.

Now I am a veteran pc using but a novice iphone user.  So I had to search for apps [preferably free] for use in recording calls.  As an aside, I discovered more info on changing my voice than recording the call.  Why?  Is the software world ready to support criminals in fleecing the public? Hmmm.  Well, I downloaded a couple of apps and have selected one that I will use.  The point of this long story is to let you share some of the frustrations I experienced but did not let conquer me. Moreover, I never even considered stopping or quitting.  I am proud to say subby and I have internalized “do it now’”.

As I completed each task I experienced a feeling of joy and satisfaction that is hard to describe.  Winners win and I am a winner.  Thanks for allowing me to toot my horn of success.

When I began this post I was focused on my enduring until completion of the task [persistence].  However, after I viewed the video below I realized that my attitude was more that of patience.  I did not doubt that I would achieve the object I was seeking.  Talk about having and allowing yourself room to grow and change.  I believe this flexibility that  I am experiencing is another positive outcome of the MKMMA journey.

[If I can display this level of patience/persistence for one task, I can do it with any task.  The key is to ‘persist’ and not give up or give in.]

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I was so impacted by this week’s webinar that I have chosen to devote this week’s post to discussing it.  What if it is really true that when I develop the habit of persistence success is definitely in my future?  Hmmm.  Can it really be as simple [or complex] as:

—- developing a major purpose [DMP}

—continuous plan of action {POA}

—-no negativity [Mental Diet}

—-alliance {Support group of one or more}?

If this is indeed true then each of  the MKMMAers are well along our road to success.  We have a DMP and POA that we review daily.  We have learned the Law of Substitution and the principles of the 7 Day Mental diet.  Therefore we can eliminate negativity from our thoughts.  We also have access to the entire MKMMA community as an alliance resource.  In addition, we can mastermind with the guy or gal in the glass.  Is there any reason we can not be successful?  Yes, failure to apply our knowledge.  Hmm.  I don’t know about you but I intend to apply these principles daily.  I can be what I will to be.


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