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This week I am on a 14 day cruise and have limited internet access.  When access is available it is very slow.  This will not prevent me from posting my weekly blog.   This week’s lesson tells why the dreams of the dreamer come true. It explains the law of causation by which dreamers, inventors, authors, financiers, bring about the realization of their desires. It explains the law by which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own.

Understanding this principle will facilitate my ability to achieve manifestation of my DMP.

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This week I have focused on implementing my plan of action (POA).  Since I realize that completion of my POA is the vehicle for manifestation of my DMP (definite major purpose).  Financial freedom is a major factor in my DMP. I recently discovered a new stream of income.  This involved setting up a new website.  Since my goal is to increase income and not increase spending.  I decided to add a sub-domain to an existing site rather than participate in the program offered by this venture.  This should have been an easy task as I frequently develop websites.  However, I encountered a few delays in manually adding WordPress to my sub-domain.  [I should have goggled manual add of Word Press to a sub-domain.]  Instead I followed procedures for adding to the root domain.  Persistence resulted in my overcoming this obstacle.  Next I created the sales page for the program per the sample.  But I did not have the video share codes for the videos included on the sample page.  Contact with support provided the information that they did not provide this data andI should purchase a site from them or check out the source page.  I was not dismayed.  I got the necessary info from the source page and added it to my sales page.  Yea!!! Step  one has been completed.

Step Two was to post ads on sites like Craig’s list referring prospects to my website.  I completed that task.  The next day I discovered that though my page had appeared the day before it had now disappeared.  Were there gremlins at work?  My IT support indicated my theme had disappeared.  I changed themes and once again my page is ready to go.  I visited Craig’s list to post and discovered that I was blocked from posting.  I chose to replace a thought of frustration with ‘I can do this.’  I deleted my Craig’s list ads and placed new ads on Backpage.  I am back in business.  I am now ready to receive replies and responses to my ads.

Completion of this process took three days and many hours.  But due to the influence of  my daily activities [no negative thoughts, do it now, I can be what I will to be.] I persisted and benefitted from the Laws of Dual Thought and Practice.  What a wonderful feeling of satisfaction I am experiencing, knowing I am making constructive progress toward achieving my goal of financial freedom.

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My initial thoughts as I prepared to write this post were to entitle it Persistence Leads to Success. As my thoughts percolated I realized I would need to define success.  Further thought led me to question whether success and happiness  were the same.

My underlying goal for this post is to emphasize and focus on persistence leading to success.  However, each individual may have a different definition for success.  For me happiness is part of success. I desire ‘wealth’ and the required ‘stuff’ to satisfy my physical needs.  But I find that good health, harmony and happiness are even more necessary for my attainment of success.

As a senior citizen whose physical body is no longer at its prime, I require sufficient health to undertake my daily activities independently and without pain. I need pleasant and harmonious interactions with others [social activities] and the financial resources to engage in activities I find pleasant, entertaining and broadening. Now that I have clarified and defined ‘my success’.  I can visualize and clarify my image of success. This will then guide me to the actions that will lead to its attainment.

Lesson 16 of Haanel introduces to some and clarifies for others the Septimal Law [Law of Sevens].  I had previously heard that seven is the number of completion but had not been exposed to its components as outlined in Lesson 16. Haanel indicates life consists of several stages which are birth, growth, fruitage and decline. He states that life is growth and growth is change.  The seventh stage is that of readjustment, reconstruction and harmony, sometimes mentioned as the millennium. I personally fall within this latter stage.  This explains why my interests would lean more toward attaining health, peace and harmony rather than material wealth.  As I review my many accomplishments and achievements [a by-product of the activities of this awesome MKMMA journey] I realize I am very close to achieving my ultimate goal –a healthy body, a peaceful and harmonious life, and financial independence.

As I review the past I realize that I did not give up.  I persisted when I encountered obstacles and challenges, I found a way to overcome them. [When life threw me oranges, I made orange juice].  Wow, this is not the way I had intended for this post to go.  I wanted to share the principles from Lesson 16 that resonated with me such as:

16:1 wealth is a means not an end; 16:4 [wealth] is a medium for securing things of real value whereby our ideals may be realized; 16:16 thinking is the one great cause in life.

Through the power of thought and the  use of visualization we can achieve our desires.  However we must be specific, and clear.  We must be positive. 16:37 …harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend upon the possession of things.  That things are effects and come as a consequence of correct mental states.

Success vs. Happiness.  For me happiness is part of success.  I am happy when I am healthy, am in harmony with those around me and am financially independent.  As Mandino states in  Scroll 4 I am nature’s greatest miracle.  I am healthy, ‘wealthy—having all the important things as opposed to monetary things or possessions, and wise because I recognize and appreciate my gifts.


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Mandino’s scroll III focuses our attention on persistence.  Here are some key thoughts that resonated with me.

I know that small attempts, repeated will complete any undertaking.

I will toil and I will endure.  I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head…

I must fail often to succeed only once.

It is a given that quitters never win.  One must be “in” the game to have a chance at winning.  I have heard it said that one learns more from one’s failures than one’s successes.  Failures help us refine our approach to a task.  We can make modifications, refine or eliminate unsuccessful approaches.

Most will not quit after one failure [one strike], but the question seems evident.  How long do I persist?  Scroll III indicates one persists until one succeeds.  Wow!!  I have also heard that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well.

It seems to be a ‘no brainer’ that one cannot persist at a multiplicity of tasks over an extended period of  time. A definite purpose [DMP}simplifies the task.  Focus on the definite purpose and persisting until successful  becomes a more manageable task.  I have adopted this thought from scroll III “I will never consider de3feat and I will remove from my vocabulary such words and phrases as quit, cannot, unable, impossible, out of the question, improbable, failure, unworkable, hopeless, and retreat; for they are the words of fools.”

“I will persist until I succeed.” Since I am guided by the [compass] and not the [clock] time is not a factor.  A successful outcome is my goal and each day I have a fresh start.

Thought to ponder. Success may look different to each individual—for some it may be money or material possessions; for others it may be achieving a particular goal.


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Today I watched the video of the 1983 Wolfpak and their triumph over the Houston team.  I am not a sports enthusiast and was tempted to skip the video.  However, I respect Mark and followed his instructions.  I am so glad that I did.  It was really great to see the underdog triumph.  But even more important for me was seeing the Coach carry his coaching principles into his everyday life.  As one of his team said—he didn’t just talk the talk, but he walked the walk.The concepts of dream, hope and persistence are clearly evidenced in this team’s path to success.

This video reinforced for me the power of thought, hope and persistence.  I am faced with a significant medical challenge in my family.  My younger sister has been diagnosed with dementia and seems to be declining rapidly.  I will try to share with her and her family these principles (love one another, persist and don’t give up, hope until the end)  in a non-judgmental way.  I also want to help them focus on the joys, and happiness that is available now.  We can love my sister, let her know she is loved, and brighten her days with happy experiences.  And, it is not over until the fat lady sings.  Coach V’s comments about what  he  would be doing  should death occur was an added incentive for me to focus on the ‘dash’.  He left a dash that anyone could be proud of even though there were some negatives.  But, who has a perfect life where nothing negative occurs or is said about them?

I look forward to continuing on this journey of self-discovery and have begun the first step.

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