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Week 21 focuses our attention on power.

27. The Divine Mind is the Universal Mind; it makes no exceptions, it plays no favorites; it does not act through sheer caprice or from anger, jealousy or wrath; neither can it be flattered, cajoled or moved by sympathy or petition to supply man with some need which he thinks necessary for his happiness or even his existence. The Divine Mind makes no exceptions to favor any individual; but when the individual understands and realizes his Unity with the Universal principle he will appear to be favored because he will have found the source of all health, all wealth, and all power.

As I sit composing this post my thoughts are focused on integrating my personal experience with prayer, God and the teachings of this course.  I believe that each traveler on this journey will interpret ‘universal  mind’ in terms of their own experiences.  For me ‘universal mind’ is synonymous with God.   I view the universality of the universal mind as the same as the Holy Spirit which lives within all Christian believers.  I also accept the power of the mind and our thoughts.  I love applying the Laws of Attraction, Growth and Substitution; taking control of my thoughts.  I know that God is all powerful.

Luke 1:37

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”

I have seen the manifestation of several items on my DMP [definite major purpose].  You are right.  There is a but coming.  The following statement  does not negate what I have previously stated.  Rather it reflects that I am still in the process of growing and need more ‘practice’.  I consciously focus my thoughts on giving, helping and being kind.  I complete most of the planned tasks for a given day.  I continue on the mental diet and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.  But [there it is] I am not experiencing financial growth.  Do I need to reassess  my 80/20 activities?  Am I focusing on the wrong tasks?  These are questions for me to review and re-evaluate.  I am so pleased with my progress.  I plan to bump up my conversations with the Lord [prayer time].  I will not only be more specific in asking for my needs but also requesting direction [and being quiet to hear His answer].  I am also boosting my interactions with Him by reading a chapter in His Word prior to my Sit.

As I mentioned much of my DMP has already been manifested, new car, trip to South America, improved health, tithing on current income.  I am not tithing the amount stated in my DMP as I have not reached that targeted income.  So, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it may take a few more days for the full manifestation of my DMP.  Moreover, I have noticed as I progress I revise and update my DMP.  Maybe I will remain a work in progress.That is good because when things stop growing they die. Thanks for letting me share with you.

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What is the “I”?  Who is the “I”?  Where is the “I”?  These are thoughts to ponder.  Week 4 of Haanel focuses our attention on the “I”, and the power of thought.  Item one states “The ‘I’ of you is not the physical body;…the ‘I’ cannot be the Mind, for the mind is simply another instrument with the ‘I’ uses with which to think, reason, and plan.”  Hmm, then what is the “I”?

Item 4 states “…the real nature of the “I” is spiritual, and is the source of the real power, which comes to men and women when they come into a realization of their true nature.”  What does all this mean and how can I use it in my life?  Hmmm.

My experiences with MKMMA have  already taught me the value and power of our thoughts.  I have learned that replacing a negative thought with a positive one not only improves my attitude but also seems to make me feel better, more energetic and happier.  Thinking I can’t do something tends to make me feel frustrated, while thinking I can do this seems to help me to get the task completed even if it takes a while to finish that task.

I love our latest affirmation “I can be what I will to be.”  This just seems to open the world to me.  If I choose to do it and it is for the Universal Good, I can do it.  And, the Universal will aid me in this endeavor. Week 4 also teaches us to be winners rather than failures.  We are to do/complete those things we begin and not start things we don’t intend to complete.  Following the latter course develops the habit of failing, while the first statement develops a pattern of success.  I can see here the relationship (link) to our weekly service card. We record weekly a service with the date of completion and celebrate completion of it. We have already done this for three weeks so this habit is well on the way to being established.

Our task for this course [in my opinion] is to utilize our DMP to gain access to and control of the ‘world within’. Item 15 states “…‘World Within’ is controlled by the ‘I’….”  For me Item 20 is a major key.

20.  Here is the secret of power, of mastery.  To overcome does not mean to go without things.  Self-denial is not success.  We cannot give unless we get; we cannot be helpful unless we are strong…and if we wish to be of service to others we must have power and more power, but to get it we must give it; we must be of service.”

Please note my use of color in this post.  Do you know why I have done so?

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