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I am very excited as I enter this phase of the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance journey and filled with anticipation for the new experiences and activities that await me.  This opportunity for exposure to new paths of learning  draws me like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I seek not only ‘the gold’ but the joy of new experiences and observing myself make even greater steps in growth and awareness.

Becoming more independent and self-directed is not an easy task for me.  I have become reliant on the directions of the expert [Mark J and team] and have seen the effectiveness of their instruction.  However, I am pleased with my progress and am ready for this next step.  I look forward to the new books and activities from which to choose.  I definitely believe that ‘subby’ has my back.  I intend to remain observant and avoid slipping back into old patterns of behavior.  Should I slip, as I probably will, it is my intention to make immediate corrections and redirect myself to paths that lead to fulfillment and manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].

Although change is hard.  It keeps me on my toes. The excitement and drama of my life continue.  I am still on top of the earth and refuse to be buried in the concrete of past unfulfilling precepts that mired me in going from nowhere to nowhere. I am now in control and will use the natural laws, i.e. Law of Attraction, to stay there.

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Lesson 22 in Haanel continues our progress toward self-direction and self-actualization.  Can we stop and stand still, or must we keep moving in some direction.  What can I do now that will improve my tomorrow?  There is a continued emphasis upon the power of thought and its ability to overcome illness, disease, poverty and other sources of life’s stresses.

I am a graduate of the 2013 MKMMA course and thus have been through this process of facing an end and a beginning.   It was much more difficult last year to look toward the course ending.  l embraced the opportunity for ‘continuation’ and was unready to let go.  Even that was not enough and I have been just as active in the 2014 course as I was in the 2013 course.  Surprisingly for me I kept learning new things and saw things that I either overlooked or just did not attend to the first time around.  This time I am ready for the challenge of being a self-directed learner.  Thankfully many principles and behaviors have been woven into the fabric of my life.  They are now habits.  Thank you Og Mandino for scroll 1.

The index card activity, the assigned reading and other weekly requirements no longer require a lot of effort on my part.  I have already begun to take control.  I find it helpful to visit the gal in the glass first thing in the morning, so this is what I do.  I have made other modifications that suit me better, for example I read the Seven Laws of the Mind frequently.   The 5 P’s, Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance,   [Law of Practice], and the Law of Substitution work  marvelously well to modify my attitude.  Mandino discusses the impact of attitude on our actions and I intend to control both my thoughts and my actions.  Whenever negatives arise on my horizon I quickly replace that thought with a different thought.

I realize I am focusing more on the end of this course and the transition to being my  own ‘guide’ rather than the power of thought over our actions.   However in my mind the power of thought is the essence of this course.  In week one we received our first exposure to thought and its causes/effects.  Anyone who has been following this blog or that of other MKMMAers already knows and understands the power of thought.  Our dilemma is how to personally control our thoughts rather than being controlled by others [our cement buddha]. Can we make it without our guide, Mark J and his team?  For me the answer is yes.  I have grown tremendously in this second year of MKMMA.  I am now ready to forge ahead independently.  Thanks Mark and team for a job well done.

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