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The Big secret is…Law of Attraction is not a secret!

“Manifesting is a lot like making a cake. The things needed are supplied by you, the mixing is done by your mind and the baking is done in the oven of the universe.”

Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run

As I progress on my journey to creation of the new improved me, I am bombarded  with distractions and attempts to deter me from my main path.  My old cement [history] calls me directing my attention and thoughts to past non-successful ideas, actions and activities.  Old, non-productive habits seek to claim me.

Fortunately Og Mandino and my newly formed habits retain a hold.  I force my thoughts to the Law of Attraction and Napoleon Hill. “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill  Each morning I review my DMP [definite major purpose] refreshing my thoughts of what is important to me and what I want to achieve.  During my silent time [sit] I focus on what needs to be accomplished and open myself to direction to how to best achieve these targets.hilllaw of attraction

When thoughts of inadequacy, lack of funds or other limitations try to sneak in I immediately replace them. The Law of Attraction reminds me that my thoughts trigger what I am attracted to.  When focused on what I need or want, I attract more of the same. Some times I think of past accomplishments, some times I recall overcoming similar obstacles.  I focus on giving, anonymously, whenever possible.  I intentionally seek to capitalize on attracting what I want rather than giving attention to possible needs.

You might ask is this plan of action working for me.  My answer is YES.  I am slowly moving forward.  I am not at a standstill or pulled back into the swamp of failure.  I am strong, powerful, healthy, harmonious and happy. This statement is one of my daily affirmations.  Also, I repeat it [aloud] whenever thought of failure or inadequacy try to slip in. I purposely focus on attracting positivity.

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This week I am celebrating my improved observation skills.  I have noticed that I am making great progress on this journey toward improved self-awareness and self-control. My week has been filled with an over abundance of obstacles and frustrations.  Some have been minor some almost overwhelming.  Nonetheless, I have stayed the course.  I have hung in there and persisted, achieving success in each case wow. Here are a couple of examples.

It was almost as if I were a bird purchased on my shoulder watching me.  I was sending out a meeting notice by both iphone and email.  I did not know how to attach a text message to the SMS message.  I immediately sought YouTube and Google for solutions.  I did not find my answer.  However I did learn how to attach a picture.  Great, I snapped the document I wanted to send and sent the photo (image was small) which got the job done.  This task took me about an hour to complete.  Next since the meeting I am holding is to be by conference call, I needed to learn this procedure.  YouTube, my trusty advisor, immediately provided answers.  This process took an additional 30 minutes.  While learning how to make a conference call I noticed info about recording a call.  I decided this would also be useful for my upcoming meeting.

Now I am a veteran pc using but a novice iphone user.  So I had to search for apps [preferably free] for use in recording calls.  As an aside, I discovered more info on changing my voice than recording the call.  Why?  Is the software world ready to support criminals in fleecing the public? Hmmm.  Well, I downloaded a couple of apps and have selected one that I will use.  The point of this long story is to let you share some of the frustrations I experienced but did not let conquer me. Moreover, I never even considered stopping or quitting.  I am proud to say subby and I have internalized “do it now’”.

As I completed each task I experienced a feeling of joy and satisfaction that is hard to describe.  Winners win and I am a winner.  Thanks for allowing me to toot my horn of success.

When I began this post I was focused on my enduring until completion of the task [persistence].  However, after I viewed the video below I realized that my attitude was more that of patience.  I did not doubt that I would achieve the object I was seeking.  Talk about having and allowing yourself room to grow and change.  I believe this flexibility that  I am experiencing is another positive outcome of the MKMMA journey.

[If I can display this level of patience/persistence for one task, I can do it with any task.  The key is to ‘persist’ and not give up or give in.]

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This week I am on a 14 day cruise and have limited internet access.  When access is available it is very slow.  This will not prevent me from posting my weekly blog.   This week’s lesson tells why the dreams of the dreamer come true. It explains the law of causation by which dreamers, inventors, authors, financiers, bring about the realization of their desires. It explains the law by which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own.

Understanding this principle will facilitate my ability to achieve manifestation of my DMP.

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Achieve Success

WOW!!!  I have completed another milestone on my awesome journey toward self-direction and self-determination.  CONGRATULATIONS to me.

This 2014 experience has been awesome. What I had anticipated as a review was so much more and involved new learning experiences, reinforcement of previous instruction and much, much more.  Now looking back it almost seems as though I slept through the majority of my 2013 class—so much did not really penetrate.

I will divide this post into three segments:  Review of 2014, Current—where I am now, and Future—where I am headed.

Review—I was really excited and enthusiastic about the resumption of the class.  I felt a need for direction and lacked the self-confidence to proceed independently.  Repeating many of the tasks not only reinforced their importance to me but also helped integrate them into my lifestyle.  An example is ‘no opinion’.  I had continued that principle but it has now become a way of life.  When I feel tempted to direct another, I instead share my experience.  The kindness activity and the gratitude cards really impacted me in a major way.  I now not only  see and notice unexpected kindnesses, but I am willing to ask for help where I never would have in the past.  An example is that frequently people are very kind in the grocery store and offer to hand me items I can’t reach. [I use the motorized carts for the handicapped.]  I have on occasion asked someone to take a cart back into the store on their way in.  I have yet to be refused.  Instead I receive a smile and an OK.

I seldom wear my watch and when I am wearing it I am no longer always in a hurry.  When I become impatient I think compass, not clock.  Reinforcing for myself that  reaching my destination {where I am going] is more important than the time I arrive.  One of my smart goals is to do one random act of kindness weekly.  I find this very easy to do when driving.  There always seems to be someone I can extend road courtesy to. I purchased a new automatic vehicle which was pictured on my poster. I have been calm, peaceful and full of ‘joy’ [joy of the Lord] throughout the passing of my son.  I set up a non-profit ministry and write weekly blog posts providing guides to those seeking to develop a healthy, Christian lifestyle.

PRESENT—I was very touched by all of the testimonies of my fellow MKMMAers on the March 29 webinar.  Learning of their achievements and the manifestations of their DMP which they were experiencing was awesome.  This caused me to reflect on my achievements.  As I reflect on my progress from 2013 to now I have experienced the following manifestations of my DMP.  I have lost 5 pounds per doctor’s scale between 4 month visit; maintained blood sugar and weight level for  another four month period.

FUTURE:  I plan to support and be supported by my three new mastermind partners.  I plan to participate in the Continuation and pop in and out of the 2015 class.  I plan to continue to implement my knowledge re twitter and facebook. I intend to continue with my study of Og, the index cards and daily readings.  I am ready to and have taken charge of my own growth and development.

THANKS TO ALL who have helped me in the massive growth and progress I have made in the last two years—especially Mark J and his team.  This is not the end of the journey for me just another step along the way.  Stay tuned for more info on what I am doing.


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Lesson 22 in Haanel continues our progress toward self-direction and self-actualization.  Can we stop and stand still, or must we keep moving in some direction.  What can I do now that will improve my tomorrow?  There is a continued emphasis upon the power of thought and its ability to overcome illness, disease, poverty and other sources of life’s stresses.

I am a graduate of the 2013 MKMMA course and thus have been through this process of facing an end and a beginning.   It was much more difficult last year to look toward the course ending.  l embraced the opportunity for ‘continuation’ and was unready to let go.  Even that was not enough and I have been just as active in the 2014 course as I was in the 2013 course.  Surprisingly for me I kept learning new things and saw things that I either overlooked or just did not attend to the first time around.  This time I am ready for the challenge of being a self-directed learner.  Thankfully many principles and behaviors have been woven into the fabric of my life.  They are now habits.  Thank you Og Mandino for scroll 1.

The index card activity, the assigned reading and other weekly requirements no longer require a lot of effort on my part.  I have already begun to take control.  I find it helpful to visit the gal in the glass first thing in the morning, so this is what I do.  I have made other modifications that suit me better, for example I read the Seven Laws of the Mind frequently.   The 5 P’s, Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance,   [Law of Practice], and the Law of Substitution work  marvelously well to modify my attitude.  Mandino discusses the impact of attitude on our actions and I intend to control both my thoughts and my actions.  Whenever negatives arise on my horizon I quickly replace that thought with a different thought.

I realize I am focusing more on the end of this course and the transition to being my  own ‘guide’ rather than the power of thought over our actions.   However in my mind the power of thought is the essence of this course.  In week one we received our first exposure to thought and its causes/effects.  Anyone who has been following this blog or that of other MKMMAers already knows and understands the power of thought.  Our dilemma is how to personally control our thoughts rather than being controlled by others [our cement buddha]. Can we make it without our guide, Mark J and his team?  For me the answer is yes.  I have grown tremendously in this second year of MKMMA.  I am now ready to forge ahead independently.  Thanks Mark and team for a job well done.

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