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One of the tasks of  week 6 is completion of my vision of success—my movie poster.  As an experienced traveler on this MKMMA journey to self-direction and success, I am pleased to report that for the first time I had fun completing this poster.  It was so much easier just copying and printing images and taping them to my poster.  My first time around I searched magazines and cut out the pictures.  This was very time consuming.    Also, I resisted the temptation to avoid the task and use last year’s poster.  I am so proud of my finished product.  It energizes me and I can see its manifestation.  In fact, some of my smart goals have already manifested.  Below is a snapshot of my future me and future success.

my movie poster

my movie poster


Persistence and determination have been keys for me.  I am a concrete and pragmatic individual.  Yet, I am also a convicted Christian believer.  My Christian beliefs and implementation  of the MKMMA tactics and procedures that I am internalizing are working together to smooth, facilitate and accelerate my success and manifestation of my DMP [definite major purpose].  I am experiencing joy and real satisfaction from extending kindnesses and reaching out to others.

Thanks Mark J and team for continuing to provide inspiration and guidance that help me advance on my path to self-direction.

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