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WEEK 9 – MKMMA: How To Make Visualization Of My DMP Into a Service for Others


Thus far on our MKMMA journey we have been given [or assigned our self] a task that is a service to or for someone else.  This week we are to make visualization of our DMP [definite major purpose]  into a service.  I am struggling with this concept.  It is abundantly clear how my DMP is a service for me, but how does that extend to others?  Hmmm!

One of my personal pivotal needs [PPN] is true health.  How does my being healthy benefit someone else?  Well, I can see that it benefits the government and therefore the community at large as I am using fewer financial resources for health care.  Who else does my good health positively impact? Not sure I can identify other benefactors here.

Liberty is my second PPN.  Having financial freedom clearly benefits others as it allows me to give more financial resources to my church and community. WOW.  I have it!  As I am enabled to give more to others, others benefit.  Therefore when I am visualizing my DMP I can focus on helping and giving to others as a result of achieving my heart’s desire.

Thanks so much for this assignment.  I had been viewing my DMP as a personal and rather selfish goal.  I think this exercise of taking a closer look has enabled me to see why this achievement is a benefit to all.  I appreciate the benefits I have derived from taking a closer look at the underlying goal/purpose of my DMP.  It is not solely about me.  Also, when I am healthy, I have more energy to invest in activities that benefit others.  How awesome it is to continue to experience growth and progress as I travel on the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance journey.

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