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WEEK 11-14–2016 MKMMA: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The Christmas season focuses on loving, giving and sharing. As this season draws to a close do our thoughts continue to focus on love or do we move our focus from giving to getting?  This post focuses on the need for love to be a primary force in our life.  In scroll 2 Mandino focuses on the importance of love. It has been my experience that love focuses on the giving not the getting.  The expression ‘give more, get more’ has been frequently used in this course.  However, I believe that if we give out of love and caring we are not looking for what we will receive in return.  I believe the instruction not to expect reciprocity from the recipients of our gifts is a key indicator that the gift is what it important not a potential return.


We have been focusing on gratitude—recognition of gifts we receive.  I believe these unsolicited gifts are indeed evidence of the benefits of love and giving.  I am uplifted by the thoughtfulness and caring I receive from others.  However, my day is so much brighter when I can add a smile to someone else’s face.  So, what’s love got to do with it?  It brightens the day of the giver and the recipient.  It smoothes the path and makes the burden lighter when it is shared by someone else.

Haanel discusses the creativity of the mind in Week 14.  Since we have discovered the power to control our thoughts, we can let this power guide us to creative solutions to the life challenges we encounter.  We can use love rather than hate to accomplish our goals.  We can use helping and caring as tools for success rather than blocking and disrupting someone else’s progress.  We can focus on positives rather than negatives.  We can view others with love and caring. We can carry the loving spirit of the Christmas season throughout the year. That is what love has to do with it.

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