WEEK 11– 2016 MKMMA: How To Create A One Sentence DMP


A major task with which we are faced this week is creation of a one sentence definite major purpose [DMP].  This post focuses on how to create a one sentence DMP.  In my first year of travel on this MasterKey Mastermind journey I found it very challenging to express my  heartfelt needs, desires and purpose into only 400 words.  As I grow in the process of understanding and internalizing the principles of this course I note my improvement and progress.

In taking a look at the sentence DMP I developed last year, I believe it is too wordy. So, to pare it down I must identify or re-identify the most important and key points that really crystalize and visualize my goal and desire.  Is my health or my finances the most driving force in my life?  Hmmm!!!  Do I have to make a choice?  If I mention both does that make my sentence too cumbersome?  Hmmm!!!

As I looked at the examples provided I thought I could quickly revise and update my sentence.  But, as I began to write this post I realized that my two PPN’s [personal pivotal needs], true health and liberty, are really the foundation of my DMP.  If I omit either, I will build a foundation under only half of my house.  Hmmm!!!

Therefore my sentence must include reference to both.  I so appreciate the task of writing this weekly post as it has provided me the framework to easily rewrite my sentence DMP.  Although longer than my initial effort,  this time it is shorter than the completed 2015 version.  Here is my finished product for 2016.


“I achieved financial freedom before 12/1/19, earning $3000 monthly above my pension and I celebrate my mental acuity and robust physical health. 

Theresa Newell

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